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Well, previously I mentioned the plump, well-fed tigers at Vanishing Species. Well, we are boarding the cutie you see at left! Her name is April, and she is from a sanctuary up north. Basically, they don't have the resources to care for a youngster, so VSW will be caring for her (and her sister up in Palmdale) until she is old enough to go back.

It was a great day; I played with April, and also Monty, who has grown considerably since the last time I saw him AND has been placed on the same tether at Sawgrass we use for the adults! It was fun to run up and down the tether and watch him chase and pounce at me.

I trimmed Monty's excessively sharp claws while he was sleepy; what's funny is he was actually better behaved than my own cat, Lynxie, when doing this! I got through all the claws with almost no trouble! Lynxie should take notice. }:)

I took quite a few pictures today; a tiger cub and a panther cub in one day is just too much to resist.

Today's pictures

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Zorin - I enjoyed yesterday very much. Your pics turned out great. I got a good laugh this moring. I am going to have to do something about the rat on my head before Monty really chews it off. See ya soon

More Captions!

7048 & 7055:He's dead, Jim! *deja vu*
7050:Brussels Sprouts?! BLEAAAGH!
7057: *sniffsniff* Oooh, smells like Herbal Essences!
7059: And it's tasty too! :9
7061:Ooh, here's an ear-flavored patch!
7063: You are getting sleeeepy... very sleeeeepy... You are under my power...
7069: Bring me a large steak... rare... with A-1 sauce...


7039:Waaaaaa! He pushed me, he pushed me!