Party 93.1 goes bye-bye

So this morning I get in my car to go to work, and put on 93.1, and.. Party 93.1 is GONE! What the hell? They're playing boring 90's rock music now!

Party 93.1 was an AWESOME South Florida radio station that played nothing but dance music. New dance, classic dance, you name it. They had these great classic freestyle mix shows at noon and filled a market that simply didn't exist anymore in this area.

They seemed to be doing well, too, with lots of promotions, and lots of people I know were listeners.

So why the hell did they abandon their market? They were the ONLY dance radio station in this market at the moment; there are already several rock stations. How can they possibly hope to compete? Not to mention they now have millions of angry listeners wondering where the hell Party 93.1 went. Power 96 is completely useless now, since they play nothing but hip-hop. So us dance music listeners have nowhere to go.

I called the old number, but couldn't get through. I bet thousands of former Party 93.1 listeners are complaining at the moment. I honestly hope they get mercilessly harassed into changing back to the dance format.

If not, I'm going to miss hearing all those freestyle tracks again. It was such a great path through memory lane...

UPDATE 3/25/2005: I'd like to thank everyone for their comments here. I never expected my little rant about this station dying would draw so many comments. It just further proves what a great station this was and what a crime it was for Cox to do a format flip. Hopefully dance will be back; Party 93.1 had good ratings, so I bet some other company is working on filling the hole... The market is out there!

Another UPDATE 4/19/2005: This has become a somewhat popular post, so any trolls or flames will be deleted. Thank you. }:)

UPDATE 4/29/2005: I found Salsa 98.3FM playing Freestyle today a bit after noon while scanning for radio stations across the dial. The fact that a Spanish station is playing Freestyle with english lyrics shows that there is indeed a market for it!

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I remember the first time I came across Party 93.1... It used to be the classical/opera station. I was really excited. And now, as I sit in my friend's apartment (in Atlanta), I try to explain the type of music I like, and I go to the party931 website, but alas! It's gone! What a horrible surprise! I used to look forward to going home, to the beach and listening to Party 93.1. I think the execs at Cox have made a big mistake...

I Can't Believe it

I miss the blast of blazing beats from some of the breakbeat music. I miss FAYE!!! She is such a trip. I met her in Orlando last year, along with DJ Smooth and some other local Floridian DJ's. PARTY 93 will always be heart felt.

Lots of love to all.

Catch some of the same Flavor on BPM XM!!! It's the next best thing.

Miami without Party 93?! That's very sad news. Really depressin

I loved that station, every time I was in Miami, my radio was locked on 93.1fm. There is something shady about this, because Party 93.1 was indeed extremely popular. It was the face of Miami. Knowing that dance music was always hard to find in US, I am not surpised too. Dance music in US ever since the 80's had a stigma of being gay and foreign, and therefore scared a lot of suburban disciplined Americans. Especially after AIDS crisis. Remember the dance viriety in the early 90's, dead is the word. Dance music is very obscure in this country unless you are in the gay community, but even that is fading out. I think corporations don't even have a chart for this(dance) kind of music. For them it is 'Techno,' a term that worldwide rather represents an industrial gothic beat. It is too complicated for them.
Hey, just keep on supporting the dance scene every way you can. Miami has always been a dance capital, don't let it go away! Don't let some stinky classless rock, or tuneless R&B to take away your style. Let corporations, the city, and local leaders know how you feel. Here in Seattle we got city's school district to run our dance radio station along with donations from listeners to keep it on the air, the demand is too big because people are still paying. Though it is ran by students, it even has more viriety than Miami's passed Party 93, which was not so bad anyway. Check it out, there is a live playlist And C89.5 is still the most popular radio staion in the city for more than 10 years!

I do not live in Florida but

I do not live in Florida but I am also mad that Party 93.1 has gone away. There are not a lot of dance stations in the United States and I get pissed when I hear that another one has gone off the air. I live in Arizona and I listen to Energy 92.7 and 101.1, but if it were to suddenly change format, fists would be flying!

Try this station!

I know you can't hop in your car and turn on the station, but you can tune in online to They play the same great dance that party 93.1 did. Shame...being from Fort Lauderdale I also listened to them and was looking forward to tuning in online from Arizona. Oh well, I happy we finally have a great station here now. Hey check out my web site at
looks like I have to get rid of all 93.1 ads.

If God is a Dj, Life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, you are the music! (Pink)

Keep on dancin!
Dj MikelD

party 93.1 we need you back

I agree this is terrible i miss that radio station so much it's not even funny... the miami radio stations all suck they all play that regeton music or hip hop and rock that's it what happened to the party 93.1 station that made miami smile.....i miss the 5pm rush and the 3am special mix they had on sundays... man this is so terrible i hop in my car and put on the radio only to go station by station and get frustrated to end up putting a Cd ....this really is bad all the people i work with are complaining about this the new rock 93.1 sucks..we miss you party 93.1...........buaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

Party 93.1 the only Dance Station

I agree... whats up with South florida? The only dance music around and you get rid of it? What am I supposed to listen to now Power 96 is hip hop so is 103.9.. Y100 is all over the place and plays all kinds of music ,,, they really need to stick to one format... and I dont feel like listening to dentist/elevator music! I guess Im going to sallelite radio... what a shame!

The Party is over!! :(

Same thing happened to me as many of you. I went to turn on PARTY 93 on the way to school from work and I hear rock! I was like hummm maybe I'm hallucinating, then I hear Rock 93, the new Rock station. I was like geez at least have a more original saying and NAME! I was soooo pissed. I wrote them an email and everything, of course I didn't get a response. This is what I wrote to them:

Dear Mr.Disney or To Whom It May Concern:

I believe the transition made from Party 93 into a Rock Channel was as grotesque of a change as the switch to Reggaeton from Zeta. It disturbs me to think that now NO where in South Florida -the capital of club scenes- will we be able find danceable, decent and energetic music. Power 96 is horrible now and used to be great in the 90s; Party 93.1 was the only thing close to what Power 96 used to represent, it was the only hope for good music in South Florida. I know MANY listeners that are disappointed in the change. It would be nice to notice your listeners ahead of time before changing music genres out of no where. I hope someone in the news station business smartens up and finally listens to the people's demand for a station that will always keep the party going. I hope you forward this to someone that will take this into consideration and think about a new and better change that doesn't involve more ghetto music or dramatic switches.


Party 93.1 fans

missing in action> Party 93.1

What a bummer. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY DANCE MUSIC! ROCK AND ROLL IS OK,BUT WHO WANTS TO LISTEN TO THAT NOISE ALL THE TIME.. I found Party 93.1 dance while on vacation in Florida and fell in love with it.. It was the best station ever!! Even after returning to Michigan i locked in on my pc at work and listened every day! Must be something politcal at work to make them drop the format.. Probably GW Bush or his brothers influence..LOL! BRING BACK THE DANCE MUSIC FORMAT!!



I had the chance while I was leaving Voodoo Lounge to snag a Party 93.1 Pure Dance Channel banner from the wall outisde. I proudly display it on a wall in my house! Thanks WPYM... I was listening since the first song on New Years, and I sad to see you go!

SpLiT P. L. U. R!

i agree !

i agree, this is fucking bullshit [excuse the language] but 93.1 was the only station providing dance/trance/rave music and there was already a rock station so why bother moving it to another location? we have enough reggaeton with 103.5 the beat, power 96.5, and 99.1 jamz soo why bother changing 94.9 into a hipanic reggaeton station ?! things were fine the way they were... i hear people complain about how 94.9 zeta moved but at least they still have a rock station! anyways i'm done complaining... ='[ still gotta miss party 93.1

PLUR <3 brittany


well, i was at work in London (England) yesterday and since my boss was out, we decided to play some tunes and I looked for the dance station I listened to in the car on my trip to Florida last year...

me and my boyfriend spent many a happy hour or five driving between locations singing along to the club classics and listening to the freestyle which didn't really make it over to the UK but reminds of the 80s and early 90s anyway.

i can't believe they've axed the only dance music channel - isn't Miami supposed to be the US dance music capital??? we have loads of pirate and commercial dance stations here in London but most of them focus on new tunes...and constantly change frequency as they get raided!

i hope your petition motivates someone to fill this now obvious gap and look forward to hearing the new station wheh i return! in the meantime, we have a great online station playing club classics - - if anyone's interested.

Frustrated without Party 93.1!

I' m so mad, words can't explain. Showbusness in this country needs to get a clue that if they do things like this they loose faith of so many people. Party93.1 was a very popular station in Miami, what ratings were they (brain damaged COX)to come to this?! Right, we will all start growing hair and become rockers, or how about becoming fat and turning into a hip hop whore. I don't understand why they so sure it will fly here. There are like 3 stations of this garbage here. We are not ghetto here, and we are definitely not ghetto fabulous. We are just fabulous, no more no less. And Party93.1 , regardless lack of new artists that they didn't try to find, came very close to meet the demand. I just hope that corporate America will get a clue about Miami, and pull out a bit with its Rock nightmare, as well as this retarded pop hip hop monster where producers forgot to write the actual music and fooling this country for more than a decade.
I lost my faith in Cox, and frankly they don't know a clue about dance music anyway. Hope somebody more sophisticated comes across our scriblings and sets another dance station for us.
ps. don't waste time correcting my grammar, just concentrate on the issue, thanks
BTW speaking of Classic/Italo Dance, here is a staion with live stream. If you were heavy club goer in Miami in the 80's this one is for you:

Complaints to Cox Radio

For complaints on removing Party 93.1 go to There you will have the oppurtunity to send those jackasses and email and voice your opinion!!!!!!

Yea, why the hell did 93.1 di

Yea, why the hell did 93.1 dissappear. This is South Florida for crying out loud, all the best clubs are down here. Why not have a dance station? It doesnt make sense. = Angry and confused Fort Lauderdale Guy/NYer.

How can it be!!!!!


hey people... im from toro

hey people...

im from toronto.. canada... and i often would listen into party 93.. on the internet.. especially for the global dj broadcast.. .. and im also upset that theyve taken it off the air.. .. Up here in Toronto.. theyve done similar things.. such as taking off the only good dance radio stations.. (energy108).. we have a station.. but.. hearing a good dance song once an hour is BS!.. so im.. upset.. mostly because.. north America's.. main stream dosnt get DANCE MUSIC!.. n it pisses me off... later..

why should we stand for this

I am not afraid of expressing my feelings about party 931 changing to a rock station. I am not going to hide my name because it makes no sense. Why have party 931 listeners have to suffer without the music we want to listen to its outrageous and incredibly stupid. Party 931 was a special station because there was nothing like it. There not other dance stations we could just listen to its the only one in miami and i dont have satilliate radio so i needed party 931 music. It's not fair because there are several rock stations. I have been a loyal listener for years dance music has been part of my life for a long time other stations dont play Kylie, Rockell, or Paul Van Dyke.
We don't deserve this we are entitled to listen to what the hell we want. So how could party 931 just leave out nowhere. I am not going to stay annoymous because I know what I am talking about Iwant my view to be heard and i want people to realize that I am not afraid to express my opinion and I will not be under the shadows



Hey, I hear ya! I'm stationed

Hey, I hear ya! I'm stationed at Eglin AFB and I have been to most of the big cities and clubs all over the world. I love club music, its all I ever listen to. I now download Global DJ's off of Winn MX. 1-4 hour rips of the stuff, its the best of the best by the worlds best DJ's. I am soo sick of these stupid rock stations moving in every time a good station gets the boot. I grew up forced to listen to that crap and every where I go there it is, raiding my eardrums with classic rock, old rock, new rock...shit! So, I came to the conclusion, we...the true club music appreciaters are not a dying breed, the rest of them have just not cought on yet...They will when they figure out that this music is OUR tie to the past, present and future like their rock was and is to them and its going to be the future of our radio as well whether the rock worshippers want to except it or not.....later Bro!

93.1 and 94.9 were great stations.....

I love it how everyone is complaining that theres no more 93.1 Party. Well what about the people who listened to 94.9 Zeta??? I see comments of how theres numerous rock stations... all that was left was Big 106. They took our station Zeta away for a Latino and proud when theres numerous latino stations down here. To sum it up, these changes were all completly uncalled for and should have never happened because Clear Channel wanted better ratings. Besides I like all music geners that there are in exception for the Latino and Proud b.s.

Where's the party?

I couldn't agree more!
Party 93.1 was such a great station. I listened to it daily (in my car and office) and loved that they played all the hip club/house/electronica music that wasn't heard on all the other "common" stations out there. Too bad that they couldn't see a loyal market when they had one.
I tried to switch to (yuk) Y100 and even worse Power 96 and now I just listen to Cds cause that hip hop or Top 100 stuff totally got on my nerves.
So, I guess once again, us dance listeners are out in the cold.
This is to Cox, I hope your new Rock station (which really sucks) goes to hell!


I think it is a joke that Miami doesn not have a radio station with dance or electronic music. The city should have had already several dance and electronic music radio stations. Miami all over the world is known for it's winter music festival and now it doesn't even have one station! PATHETIC!

we are very displeased, we wa

we are very displeased, we want back again party 93.1, the new clasic fucking rock station is depressing, and revolting.

Stop perpetrating the myth...

Stop perpetrating the myth that only gay people like dance music. I'm not gay and I love dance music.

I have nothing against gays, personally; the problem is there's a lot of people who do, and those people will shy away from dance music if they think it's a "gay thing", since they're paranoid that folks will think they are gay if they are heard listening to it.

Dance music is for everyone. Gay, straight, white, black, alien.. doesn't matter. Feel the beat, enjoy the music. Don't spread stereotypes. Please. }:)


Where is it?

I was wondering the same thing, having lived there for a year, I had really grown to love that station. Origanally from Denver Co. where they don't play any music like that, it was refreshing. BRING IT BACK...

I'm not so sure about dance always being dead...

This is all really strange, because in the 90s, Freestyle was REALLY big in Miami, especially on Power 96, which was actually a good station back then. Nearly all of us in high school then loved TKA, Johnny O, Cynthia, George Lamond, and all the other Freestyle artists and listened to Power 96 all the time. So dance WAS kind of big in Miami in the early 90s; I'm not sure what happened. It seems all the people who like dance got into hip-hop and rap, which caused Power 96 to shift, leaving a void for those of who didn't care for them.

Of course, now the only way to listen to dance music in Miami is from your own CDs, or Internet radio, or listen to Power 96 for hours and hope they play one of two dance tracks among the hours of hip-hop and rap, but that's unacceptable.

I hope some other station fills the gap. Any station that does will have a good audience, as Party 93.1 was pretty popular before the Cox executives had a loss of brain function.

The sad thing is that even if Cox switches Party 93.1 back to dance, the damage has been done. A lot of the audience may not rediscover them, or feel betrayed and not listen anymore. Cox is really shooting themselves in the foot here... Repeatedly. With a double-barrel 12-guage... at point-blank range.

Where has the party gone???!!!

Dude, I love rock's my favorite genre next to dance and classical...BUT it's true...there are already a few good rock stations on the air, like Big105 for instance...and there are in my opinion WAY TOOO MANY of these crap hip-hop, rap and pop stations...there was only one dance channel and now it's gone...I have been really feeling like listening to some old dance hits that I used to love listening to when I was obsessed with dance like Sylver's Turn the Tide and Lasqo's "Something (That You Hide From Me)" and many others...I am looking on line right now for some of those old songs they used to play all the time, ya bring back some old memories...problem is...I don't know most of the song names or artists of the songs to look for them...can some of you Party fans help me out please! Any hits you remember...please fill me in!!!

Bring Back The Party!

Hey all,

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO disaponted that 93.1 is gone! I live in CT (where there are virtually no decent radio stations)and I travel to Fort Lauderdale/Miami on vacation every year. While down there 3 years ago I stumbled across Party 93.1 and it's all I listened to -in the car, on the beach, clubbing, etc. I would even tape the music for hours at a time while I was out just so I could bring it back to CT with me! Even the NYC stations don't mix it as well as 93.1! Now what am I going to listen to the next time I'm in Florida? Bring back the party!!!

In response to myself...

I have read nearly all the post. Although I don't remember half of 'em,
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Thanks for the Italo station

Thanks for the Italo station link. I always liked this type of dance, but never knew what it was called! My favorite song in this genre was Lime - Unexpected Lovers. Great track, dig it up if you haven't heard it. }:)

Not to rain on your parade, but..

The subject of this post is the passing of 93.1, not 94.9. I feel less for 94.9 listeners, because the "New 93 Rock" is filling in for them, so they can keep listening to their rock music. Us dance fans are totally fucked.

Things were fine before. Hell, I'd never even HEARD of "reggaeton" until 94.9 was taken over by it; I gave it a brief listen and found it to be garbage. I'm not sure who listens to that crap, but it certainly ain't me, or anyone I know!

I can relate

I can relate. I live in S. Florida but am from Toronto originally and go there often. They took away Kiss92 and Energy108 and the only thing left is Z103.5 which is mostly some type of sad mix of hip hop and the odd dance song...basically it totally sucks. (Sorry Tony Monaco, even though I went to high school with you Z103.5 is seriously having an identity crisis.)
So, I really relied on Party 93.1 to hear the latest Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyke...etc... and I was shocked that it was relplaced by a lousy rock station that doesn't even play a good mix of rock tunes.
Anyhow, its really a shame that all the good dance stations are only now on the net or satellite radio.

We can only hope that something will happen

Power 96 was a perfect station in the 1990's. They played everything from disco to hiphop and not too much of one format, and great mix DJs. Now I hate Power 96. I don't know what Kid Curry is thinking. Also I hate hiphop, because it's just taken over and rubbed in my face. I refuse to listen to the radio now. Party 93.1 over the years got better and better, and was becoming more like what Power 96 use to be. Now dance clubs in South Florida has no station to host their live broadcasts, like Voodoo Lounge, They had the greatest Djs spinning the best underground house music.

Hiphop stations:
Power 96
99.1 Jamz
Mega 103.5
X 102.3
and more I'm sure

Zero dance stations

What is South Florida coming to? Those stupid spanish/english stations don't count. Numerous hiphop stations on the air, and zero dance stations, I don't get it. Sounds like people are just getting stupid.I would like to see the hiphop format DIE.

Unfortunatly, Marky G has no where to go to have his show, and the gay community has no radio station. What a shame South Florida, years of great music and now nothing. Should I say what a shame Power 96. Kid Curry and all the other directors of that staion should be a shame of there selves for changing the format and hiring all those ghetto on air DJs.

Very good...

Well I am gay, but that's not the reason I like that music. It has always had a way of picking me up when I'm feeling down or just want a lift...

I did not say dance music is for just gay people

stop putting words in my mouth. I'm a club Dj, believe me, I know these things. I know that not only gay people like dance music. Allot of straight people listened to Party 93.1

Party 93.1 supported the gay community. Now the gay community does have a station that supports us and the events. And now their is zero dance music on the dial for gay and straight people......

The loss of Party 93.1 was ve

The loss of Party 93.1 was very tragic. It seems (in my paranoid mind) that there is an ongoing attempt to stifle dance music on several fronts. After the sad loss of Party 93.1 I got a subscription to Sirius Music. Their Remix Channel 62 played continuous mixed dance music 24/7. Never heard anything like it ever. Talk about the party never ending. Just went from one guest DJ to the next. Totally awesome. Then in September they pulled the plug on this format and said they were moving their DJ’s to the Area 33 channel. This is an out right lie. They never moved anything anywhere. Instead they consolidated their bullshit to sound just like everyone else. A top 40ish format with a lousy rotation! Then on Directv they just got rid of their music channels and replaced them with XM. The old music channels had some great dance music. Now it seems to be limited to a couple of channels that mainly play “top 40” type BS you can hear anywhere. So maybe I’m nuts, but it sure seems lately that I’ve at least seen some real crap going on with dance music. Thanks for letting me rant. I’ve never found any place else where people have been pissed about losing their dance music!

try here

It has live stream and they post the artist info while it's played. Plays the format of music as good old Party93.

Unfair and unequal distribution of radio stations

Hip Hop stations:
Power 96
103.5 The Beat
99 Jamz

They also play hip hop on Y-100 and Mega 94.9

Spanish stations:
(salsa/ merengue, reggaeton, ballads)
Classica 92
Mega 94.9
Zol 95
Salsa 98.3
Amor 107.5

Power 96 also plays reggaeton (I'm not sure about the other Hip hop stations)

Rock Stations:
Big 105
"Rock" 93.1

Pop stations:
97.3 The Coast (more like "light pop")

Why are there three Hip Hop stations and five Spanish stations?
That doesn't make sense.
Remember 103.5? It used to play disco. Did they really need to replace it for yet another Hip Hop station?

And now, they had to replace Zeta for yet another Spanish station. And because of that, they had to make up for the lack of a rock station, so they took away Party. (Of course they wouldn't dare take away from the stations that are already duplicated).

At least this new rock station at least plays some recent rock music, unlike Zeta which didn't play anything that wasn't early-90's grunge.

Though I heard one Freestyle song and two Spanish dance songs on Mega 94.9.

I remember that five or six years ago, before Party, some stations gave dance music late at night on the weekends. They would be "live" at a club, and just have dance music playing. I think it was on Y-100 and Power 96. I don't know if they still do it though.

I think it's really tragic how South Florida, a place probably best known for being a dance and club capital, doesn't even have a dance station. I think that these people that are in charge don't care about their consumers and they just rather neglect us. Anyone in Miami will tell you that Party 93.1 was one of the most popular stations along with Power 96 and Y-100. Everyone had their radio tuned to it or they had a sticker on their car. Not to mention all of the events Party did. The majority of people I knew listened to Party 93.1. Why would they cancel such a popular station?

Well, at least there is still 90.5 WVUM, which plays non-mainstream music. You guys should check it out. They're always playing different types of interesting and underground music. They play a lot of electronic music, which is dance's sister genre. That is the only radio station left that I ever listen to. And I'm getting tired of listening to my CDs over and over again.

Try listening on line to Fres

Try listening on line to FreshFm from South Australia.

U R welcome

I know. It just formed its name not that long ago. It had so many names: electro, gay disco, sleazy disco, classic dance, etc. This genere was very short lived in the states, and barely made it beyond night clubs. Though I think it held on here for a while. There was a Miami lable : Hot Production or something like that, that used to release Italo tracks under 'Gay Classics' series. That was a while back, I don't remember now. There are more links here:
and another radiostation:
Unexpected Lovers is cool track. My fav is Rose - Magic Carillon, I actually found a video, wow!

Some great dance groups,Djs...

Dj Encore, Fragma, Dj Sammy, Amber, Dj Liquid, Lasgo, Sylver, MIlk Inc.,
Alice Deejay, Anastacia, ATC, Dannii Minogue, Kylie Minogue, Dj Tiesto,
Ian Van Dahl, Iio, KMC Feat. Sandy, Kristine W, Lara Fabian, Melanie C,
Paul Oakenfold, Red Jerry, Sonique, The Rock Project Feat. Tina Arena.
Here's just some names to help you and anyone reading. If you guys or gals need more info email me for song

BRING THE STATION BACK.....................

try this in order to get techno music in south fl

yo, try to call power 96 and try to request dance, techno, and freestyle music and try to have ur friends to call and do the same thing. Thats the only reason y power 96 dont play techno music no more is because nobody really requests it, but believe it or not, they'll play it again once more people start requestin it, but u and ur friends, try to convince power 96 also. call power 96 at 550-9696 with the area code that u live in. We'll then finally have a station that plays techno and the dance listeners will be very happy. THey'll all appreciate the people who called and requested that, believe it or not. Power 96 WILL play the techno music just like the way they use to before. every1 would be happy that at least one station even tough plays hip hop, at least plays techno. Hey, power 96 use to be the station of hip hop, and techno,dance,freestyle

I always called it 80s disco,

I always called it 80s disco, because that's what it sounds like.. Disco, but it's from the 1980s, when Disco was mostly dead in the US.

If not for the "Disco is Dead" movement in the US, Disco probably would have lasted well into the 80s, but apparently some people REALLY hated it for some reason. Oh well...

Moving formats is always frustrating

It is frustrating when local stations move to a different format. The decisions are likely made by a couple of people in management at the station. Don't worry, someone else will pick up the format.

I ffeel your pain

I had the same surprise too. They also changed 94.9 to a Latin music station.

Internet radio will have to do for now...

DI.FM or Tag's Trance Trip. Hopefully they won't switch to a lame 90's rock format.

I should just get satellite radio. Arrrgh.

That is just what they want

That is just what they want us all to do. . . Mainstream God damned Commies! I refuse to do it!!!


Can I really har party 93.1 on the internet? How???


I used to listen to Party 93.1 all the time and every time I had the car window rolled down, the car next to me had that station on. I do not like any other radio station.


i live in new york but everytime i come to my condo i loved listening to 93.1. i couldnt believe they took it off the air. i loved it. now i finally know what happened. what a shame. it was the best station on the air. it definitely compared to new york music. please come back.

93.1 missed!

I can't believe that Party 93.1 is gone. When my partner and I came to Lauderdale, that was one of our favorite things. I guess we'll be lugging our CD's the next trip. (PS can't stand the music they are playing now)


hey party 93.1 will be back on winter of 2006

How do you know this. Who

How do you know this. Who told you!

93.1 back?

did anyone confirm that they will be back winter 2006???? got my fingers,legs arms eyes crossed. waitinggggggggg....

I'm in NY too and loved

I'm in NY too and loved 93.1- Any interest in looking into the radio business ??



I remember those days now All I see myself doin is trying to find dance music any way possible, when doin that I found this is a San Franciso based station, its one of the few remaining Dance stations and this station is everybit as good as party but they just leave out the freestyle scene. or Q100 they play dance but mixed in like what power96 was in a certain sense but only just set to certain times they have three programs mon - fri cardio radio(lunch mix) 1 hr mix,ElectronicQ, and Saturday Nite Q those last 2 are late nite live club mixes fri - Sat. and this is an Atlanta Based Station giving its audience a taste of dance music. also one thing ive notice is that Power96 has a HD station Dance Dash 2 but u need an HD reciever to catch that 24/7 tho its cool they trying but they need to try harder to make more easy to access cuz HD radio is in it beginning stages so not many have HD recievers and I dont think they would pay 400 to 600 dollars just to listen cuz not everyone has that kind of money. Well I hope these sites i mentioned helped if not at least u can update ur dance track list for your ipod. also I know u cant listen as freely as b4 but if ur like me still find way to listen everytime ur online those small minutes online are just as relaxing but not lasting but sumthing is sumthing i guess. Well thats it from me but KEEP PROMOTING DANCE IT WILL HIT SOONER OR LATER CUZ XM AND SIRUS SATILLITE RADIO IS OPENING THIS GENRE TO MORE PEOPLE IN THE USA AND MAYBE WE MAY HAVE MORE CHANCES IN THE FUTURE SINCE MORE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO IT.

HEY PARTY 93 listeners....Same thing in Chicago

Hi guys and girls.. from Chicago here.. frequent sofla VERY OFTEN and enjoyed party93 while down there IN THE CAR and from home in chitown on the web. WHAT GIVES MAN !!!! They did that to us here in Chi about a year and a half ago. We had the prototype for Energy Arizona and Party 93. Energy 92.7 was on the air for about 2 years here in Chicago. Its was on a shitty frequency BUT INSTANTLY hit the arbitron lists upon its debut and it moved up the lists every reporting period. SO... GUESS WHAT THEY DO... the independent owners sell the station and the new owners CAN THE FORMAT !!! So many people in Chicagos Latin American Community, Italian American Community and the ever growing gay and lesbian population here were LISTENING TO ENERGY 92.7. IT SUCKED when it went off the air SO I FEEL YOUR PAIN IN SOFLA. Its just so stupid that no other station in the Chicago Market picked up the format. Like you guys Our version of Power 96 which is B96 has turned all hip hop. It too was a GREAT dance station in the 90's. Emmis Communications which owns q101 in chicago was playin some chill music along with their alternative stale ass rock format and the even had the q101 sonic boom on saturday nite SOME AWESOME mixes by oakenfold dj irene more so on the industrial side but GUESS WHAT.. they pulled that show off too 1st of this year. Then Emmis bought that STALE ASS 97.9 THE LOOP Chicagos Classic Rock Station. The Loop was an awesome rock station back in the late 70's (so I hear) and the early 80s' BUT WHY IN GODS NAME IS IT STILL ON and the ratings are in the gutter. Heres my answer guys and girls to your losing party 93... The big corporations of radio NAMELY CLEAR CHANNEL work closely with the record companies and program us with what they choose to make themselves money. THEY ARE ALL NERVOUS cause everyone is switching to satellite AND they, eventually will be outta work so they are making all the money they can.. RADIO HERE IN CHICAGO is just as bad as SOFLA.. The stations are all owned by a handful of compnaies. NO ORIGINALITY NO NEW ARTISTS break unless THEY Want them to. GO SATELLITE GUYS AND GIRLS 10 bucks a month FUCK THESE ASSWIPES !!!!!

Same Shit

I know what you mean. I was there through the whole thing. I used Energy Radio for Most of my Ads. I ran a production company and we did great with having a radiostation that promoted to our croud. People are sick of the same commercial music that we hear every all day everyday. B96 sold out to the commercial industry. Clear radio bought our Big City Radio which owned Energy because they were scared of the change in the industry. Energy Radio helped to put Chi Town back on top of the underground scene. We are the originators of the scene... ie: Chicago created House, Detroit created Techno. The birth place of Bad Boy Bill and Underground Construction. The first undergrounds and raves were in our Industrial Parks and county Farms. Satalite radio now dominates and it is a great investment. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division and I am hurting for music. Thank God that 93.1 and 92.5 have archives on the internet to download. VP out... PLUR

You gotta be sh*#$&^% me!!!

Same thing happened in New York about a year and something ago, when 92.7 fm was cut off the air to become one with a spanish station, playing raegetton. We still have KTU 103.5 fm, but it "Boils my blood"
folks! 93.1 was the best station on the net to hear the latest in trance, dance and freestyle. I came across it while visiting Miami a while back!! What the heck are these radio executives thinking, "PENDEJOS/H-P!!!" Give 'em hell folks for taking a great station away.

there was a motive

931 went to rock to grab the spot 94.9 zeta left when they turned Latin Hip-Hop . But why Cox radio choose 93.1 to covert baffles me. They shoulda changed 99Jamz- if one hip hop station went away theres others to fill the need, but party has no one! With the way its going I wouldn't be surprised if someone else picks up the genre. And the web site says they will be an internet station soon, which doesn't fly with me. I need something to listen to in the car . XM is looking good right now

Actually, that doesn't fly...

That explanation really doesn't fly, because 94.9 zeta actually had LOWER ratings than Party 93.1:

Miami market ratings

Notice WPYM is actually above WZTA.

So basically, even though their ratings were kind of low in the first place, they dumped a small audience for a smaller one, which doesn't seem to make much sense. Add to that the fact that WZTA listeners will jump ship to other stations too, and they're likely cutting the audience by far more than the ratings may suggest.

It seems the Miami market is doomed to not have a dance station, apparently.

Any comments/concerns should

Any comments/concerns should be directed to or leave a message in Dade (305)567-5601 and Broward (954)522-9801.

Now Call Zorin Call :)

Correction on contacting Cox Radio

For complaints on removing Party 93.1 go to There you will have the oppurtunity to send those jackasses and email and voice your opinion!!!!!!


okay while i understand that you hate the fact that the zeat people took over your party station... (i love rock by the way) think about it this way... there was really only one alternative rock station in florida just like there was only one party station (103.1 the buzz doesnt count as alternative rock and oldies rock isnt my thing) so while you're sad theres no party station... the rock listeners are very happy that rock didnt disappear... and to further answer your comment... i think hip hop sucks and needs to have at least one station taken away for better music




well i don't know if this will help you any but they are still broadcasting online. Go to and you can listen in live.

are you sure

i might try the web site later.

I feel your pain!

I was out of town, and I came back and for a minute at the airport it felt like someone had fucked with my radio! 91.3 is still NPR, 93.1 suddenly was Zeta, Zeta had gone spanish, and Y100 is now ultra lame? Geez when Party 93.1 kicked off the classical station (yeah so I like classical too!) they let us know like in 2 months notice.. As far as I know there was *NO* notice of this (although I did think it was funny that this new years there wasnt the big deal they made last year). Anyways I hear they are going to re-launch on the web at we shall see. Im still pissed.

I know what you mean, I can't

I know what you mean, I can't believe that they would take out a freat radio station like this to add some stupid "Rock" fucking music, like we don't have enough of that down here. How they hell am I going to see and all my favorite freestyle legends? This is bull shit. Too much HIP HOP and ROCK music down here. I am so fucking pissed, I don't fucking listen to the radio anymore. All I listen to are my freestyle CDs that I had purchase from my favorite record store. Fuck P***96, Fuck Y*** and all the other bull shit radio stations.

there are no rock stations do

there are no rock stations down here.... if you like oldies rock then yeah theres too many of those... but there are no alternative rock stations and im glad 931 turned into a good rock station...

Perhaps that's true... But yo

Perhaps that's true... But you must understand that us dance listeners got screwed in the process. Think about how you felt those couple of days after ZETA went off the air -- Us dance fans have felt the same way for months.

If anything, they should have opened up a new station for rock, not converted an existing station that had no other competition in its market.

ok u should know i spoke to

ok u should know i spoke to some of the staff in the party 931 and i was told that 931 only seek money in the process u see they werent making the goal they thought they could reach so they took advantage of the fact that there was going to be no rock satation because 949 zeta was going to be shut down *guess they lost alot of money with all the concerts* so when 931 saw there was know rock station they went for it just for the reason that they will make more money if u notice some of the DJs from 931 during the Party days are still there if u think they had this passion for the music like us fans do ur wrong once again actions have been controled by 1 thing MONEY....

relaunch what do mean?? and

relaunch what do mean?? and when??

I have been a faithful party

I have been a faithful party 93.1 listener for the past two years! Since I visited Miami, I am not even from there! I have enjoyed it from afar, in NY, and recently in MD, and now it's gone?! What the heck? Aren't there enough of those boring rock stations?!

Right on.....bring back the p

Right on.....bring back the party.....fuck the plenty of that already.....

move to airzona

i love party 93.1 to but here in texas kkdl 106.7 chaged to hip hop
and mex. i'm posst off. it was dance to and kdl 103.1 in LA was dance.

fuck hip hop, rock and other gender of music dance forever

i don't like the fact that dance radio stations are disappearing for
the radio in the US the only stations left are Energy 92.7/101.1fm in
airzona,Dance radio in New York city 103.5,there was a dance station
in Los Angeles CA Kdl 103.1 fm gone. I'm so damn mad about that and
i still i'm. damn people.

wack ass shit

thats fucked up man, that was like the only good ass radio, I know they have it online but fuck that i dont have time fo that shit.....@%$**%@

party 93.1

I am a native Floridian who moved to Boulder, Co. They don't have any good radio stations out here. The only station I have found here in 93.3fm at 11 every night apparently Paul Oakenfold plays. Anyway, I knew that party 93.1 always played awesome stuff. I could always count on it even when i found it streaming online but then one day all I heard was alternative rock. Your right when you say they had cornered a market in South Florida that no one else hasd even come close to let alone thought of. Now what do I do, guess it's back to jsut downloading music. But I really loved that station, one of a kind especially the awesome stuff they would play late Sunday nights. Absolutly loved it!


I currently live in Tampa and would always look forward to listening to party 93.1 when my friends and I would make weekend or week trips down to south florida. I loved it so much because the radio stations in central florida (tampa,st.pete.,orlando) don't offer this genre of music 24/7. With party 93.1 gone, the south florida radio market is the same as every other...saturated w/ hip-hop,country,and rock. No offense to anyone that is a fan of those types music, I am too at times, but an all dance station in florida was a breath of fresh air. Great... now how do I break this to my friends! :-(


hey sweetheart... if you want to complain about rock complain about the fact that the latin part of florida took over the alternative 94.9 zeta rock station from us... they changed all the radio stations around... at least you got warning (the party station website does state they're changing hands) thats why you got rock now on your stations.

party 93.1 is not gone

party93.1 is not gone',' ','%20'


That station sucked... Check out - Now thats a real dance station. Party had NO ratings. Dance is a shitty format to make money with.

Id Be Happy To Bring back 93.1 !!!!

I own a radio station in Tampa florida via internet and I found your post about the 93.1 station ( It was also one of my favorite when i went to Ft. Laduardale for vacation :( ) and I was thinkin i would love to bring back the station via internet!! Now ikno party 93.1 already has a internet station they are continuing to broadcast at online but they only have it at 24k quality ( Horrible Sound ) I would be willing to run the station 24/7 via shoutcast internet for everybody at 128k audio and also a 300k Tv stream with live djs almost everyday not to mention live broadcast feeds of ASOT and Global Dj Broadcast!!! If you would like me to pursuade this please comment on this page again or email me @
Id really like to bring the station back for you guys!! just drop me a line and I will get it going ASAP!!
93.1 Listener

Also a South Floridian but..

Also a South Floridian but unlike you, I don't like much party/dance music. I actually like Rock but I'm not happy with 93 Rock. You're right, they're playing boring crap from the 90s for the most part. I'm switching to SIRIUS and hope more people around SoFla do too, this is probably one of the worst radio markets in the country.


Once I visited Miami, I found by change the greatest radio channel world-wide. All day time, great dance music and my holiday got one of my best, as even the music brought me in such a relaxing athmosphere. When I came back to Austria, I often streamed this channel and had good moments and remembered this great time. Today I wanted to stream again, and ..... nothing, no homepage no stream.

I would anyway thank that team for giving me a good time!
best wishes for your future and still hoping that this channel comes back.

u all r crazy

that dance party junk sucks!! no talent wannabe dj's all suck! 93.1rock can beat 93.1party's ass any time!!!


Radio personality Marky G and Y100.7 team up to bring dance music back to South Florida airwaves!

Miami, Fla. – After a year of absence from South Florida radio, dance music made its triumphant return on Feb. 12 when radio personality MarkyG and Y100.7 joined forces to bring listeners the newest and most innovative dance music program, Marky G’s South Beach Dance Party.

Every Sunday night, from 9 p.m. to Midnight, Marky G will deliver to listeners the best format in dance music South Florida has ever offered. The show opens with a splashy hot intro, followed by the best variety of dance remixes from the ‘80s, ‘90s and today, for the first hour. They get more progressive in the next hour with a terrific blend of house and trance, called Funky House. Last is the South Beach Countdown of Top 10 hottest songs in dance. Each hour the listener gets something special, like News from the South Beach Scene, next hour it is about Hollywood, and last an amazing spoof on Long Distance Dedications.

Marky G’s South Beach Dance Party on Y100.7 will fill the void left behind when Party93-1 changed formats and left dance music fans without dance music. MarkyG, who is best known for his hit radio show, Issues Over The Rainbow – which included some of the hottest celebrity guests in the world including Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Melissa Etheridge and the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy – plans on bringing that same key element to his newest radio venture starting this Sunday Night from 9-Midnight. MarkyG made his reputation on delivering slick highly produced incredible shows. Now he will do that with his new show delivering a different dance format each hour, and a lot of fun in-between. The dance music cravings of every listener in South Florida will be catered to, as there is nothing like this show on radio anywhere…and that is just how MarkyG wants it…“We are doing dance music the way dance music was meant to be done, in a show format with so much more going on than just the music,” said MarkyG of his new show. “Everyone is going to love this show. Anyone listening to Y100 will stay with Y100 for this music, and anyone that loves fun and dance music will make it a point to come listen to this program.”

For more information visit

I know how you feel. But one

I know how you feel. But one thing you say is untrue. There aren't several rock stations. the ONLY rock station you could get south of palm beach was 94.9 Zeta. But Zeta got axed and replaced with this worthless reggae urban hip-hop. And those we already had TONS of. So all the angry rock fans protested. and thats why 93.1 got replaced with a rock channel. Altho i'm happy to have my rock channel back, i know how you feel about losing your favorite radio station. also, it was my dads favoirite channel (although he didn't care for all the homosexual advertizing). Also, i still miss 94.9 Zeta, becuase this new rock station on 93.1 just isn't the same. I beleive all three radiostations were looked over by the same person/company what ever it may be. If whoever the idiot is that did this would have just kept party 93.1 and 94.9 zeta the way they were, and given this reggae/hip-hop channel its own station they could have kept alot of people like me and you happier.