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I participate in the Furry Fandom quite frequently; this section will contain posts relevant to that. Meow.

Disney Tails!

This is the Disney Tails T-shirt that everyone always seems to love at cons.


It's gotten more attention than any T-shirt I've ever worn! At Anthrocon 2006 I was stopped about 20 times walking around by folks wanting to identify all the cats, and to a lesser extent the same at AC 2007 and MFF 2007.

I thought it was awesome when I got it but never expected that. :)

Computer Critters!

Wow, these are adorable.


I'd guess these were from the 1980s. I wonder who sponsored them? It's amusing that this stuff existed, but computers wouldn't really go fully mainstream until the mid-to-late 90s.

Paying bills with computers? Wow, they were ahead of their time. Could you even do that in the 80s?

Better late than never...

Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich...

...because idiots keep forgetting to remove useless warnings from the linux kernel tree.

(Read about the meme here if you're going "huh??" right now.)

Second Life and online socializing... some thoughts...

Back in early 2006 I got into using FurryMUCK more, and was constantly saying "I'll never join that Second Life thing... It's too bloated, runs slow and text is enough for me. I'll just stick around here on Furry."

Then I got a Macbook Pro in March. I just had to test its amazing power, so I downloaded Second Life and gave it a try. It ran great, but that's not the point....

...I started meeting people. Interesting, fun people to hang out with. Hence, I started spending more time on Second Life. I eventually met the love of my life, Catsy, there. This changed everything; now I spend just as much time on Second Life as I do on FurryMUCK!

The point? The technology doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how pretty it is. It also doesn't matter how much CPU power or memory or bandwidth it needs. What matters in any online social environment is the people you meet and spend time with.

I've met so many of my friends through the Internet, I don't even know where to begin counting. People are what makes the Internet so interesting and engaging; without them, it's just a jumble of wires and pretty lights.

Just had to get that out. I love you all!

-Zorin the Lynx

One of those rare "post" things I do now and then...

So I haven't posted in quite a while. Time to do so! I've been a busy lynx.

So far 2007 has been going pretty well. I love my Catsy like crazy and we're getting along wonderfully.

Hopefully things will progress to the point where we can fix the distance problem, which does eat at me sometimes. But that's life; gotta be patient.

I now highly regret not having attended Further Confusion. I was going to go, but decided not to for various reasons instead; unfortunately I had been a dimwit and not found out who WAS going; it turns out most of the regulars I hang out with in Second Life at Luskwood were at the con! Aiieee! I missed out on a lot of fun, I bet. To all those whom I didn't see because I failed to go: I love all of you! I'll make it next time I promise.

There's no point in moping about missed opportunities, though. I may end up going to the Second Life Community Convention this year, as it's in Chicago which is cheap to travel to. I really want to meet more of the Luskwood gang and folks that I've grown to be friends with these past months.

I'll probably definitely be roadtripping to Megaplex in Jacksonville, in March. I have yet to miss a single Megaplex and don't plan to start missing it this year. So if you're going, I shall see you there!

AC this year? I don't know. Depends on how many people I know are going. I do want to see Rob Paulsen who is the Guest of Honor, but we'll see.

Hope everyone is doing well!

MFF is an absolute blast!

Hiya folks! I'm at MFF at the moment! Having lots of fun and meeting lots of folks; it's been a blast so far!

Catsy commissioned this (lousy laptop camera photo for now) for me and I am in absolute awe. It is the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me. I love you, Catsy, and I mean it.

Also got to meet Buteo, Hydra, Genki, ArchTeryx, and a few others... and that reminds me, I still have to track down Tarin and say hi before the con is over! I think I'll do so after I post this entry. Yup.

Anyway, will write more about the con when I get a chance; there's plenty of time to sit in front of computers at home.

Hope everyone's having fun, wherever you are!

-Zorin the fuzzy kittykittylynxmew

Squirrels meet, the next generation!

When I started on FurryMUCK back in 1995, my first character was a 'toon squirrel. Goofing off on Second Life I managed to recreate that character pretty accurately using a Luskwood squirrel and creating the blue DOOM cap and anvil pin I wore then. (I was a 'toon at the time)

Then, I ran into Hervystia, another squirrel which was one of the first furries I ever talked to on FurryMUCK back then.

She barely remembers my squirrel (which I only played for two months), but I had to get a picture of the reunion. :)

Maybe... two people.. on the planet remember that squirrel character, but darn, that was neat! I should AIM the other person tonight.


Rawr! Well, it's been a while since I've written in depth, really. A lot has been going on lately.

Work has been a bit crazy, with the beginning of Fall Semester and all that. We've had some hardware failures and power failures and have been kept on our toes pretty much the entire time. Looks like things have settled some, though, so it may be time to start pushing ahead on long term projects once more.

I got myself a Mac Pro. To say this machine is fast would be an incredible understatement. Four 2.6GHz cores working together mean processing muscle is never far away. The video board is a bit low end (Nvidia 7300GT) but I hope to eventually correct that when the ATI X1900 becomes cheaper. Second Life runs amazing on this machine; even a crowded Luskwood still exceeds 10 most of the time. My Macbook Pro can barely get 4 on the worst days. Not bad!

I will be at Midwest FurFest. So if you want to say hi, look for me. Though I'll probably be hiding out with close friends half three-quarters of most of the con.

Also, I met someone very special through Second Life. She lives far away, but so far things are promising. Distance can be always be fixed when people finally find their true mate in life. ;)

-Zorin the Lynx, Ph.Cat.

Club Lusk!

Welcome to Club Lusk! No cover charge; just fly on in!

I've got a lot to write about, and probably will soon. But for now, enjoy some Second Life silliness. :)

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