Had a good day today. Went to Sawgrass in the morning, and hung out a bit with Junior. It was kind of hot, so he pretty much wanted to sleep the entire time. The only time he woke up was when someone came in to pet him, and even then he would go back to sleep before the petting session was over! I don't blame him; it was really muggy.

Afterwards I hightailed it to the property to feed the kitties. I got some really awesome photos of Shoshauna and Mystique. I hadn't seen these cats for nearly a month and it was great to hang out with them again.

Tomorrow I gotta do my taxes (bleah) and run a ton of errands (double-bleah). It's just as well; if gas prices keep going up, I'm only going to be able to drive to Davie once a week; if they go up even further, I'll have to start skipping weeks. Darn oil companies!

Anyway, I took lots of pictures today. I didn't use RAW so I could force myself to practice setting white balance manually on the camera. I think I did a pretty good job; sometimes it's hard to judge the color temperature of a scene... For instance, in some cases, there was some sunlight shining in, so even though the subject was in the shade, the sunspots would look way too orange. It'd be nice if there were a way to tweak white balance in the camera after taking the shot, then save it. I should suggest this to Canon.

Note that I'm not posting full size pics on the VSW pictures site anymore. Sorry to anyone who had the password, but they're just taking way too much space on Sarabi and very few people were looking at them. If you want a full size version of a pic, just drop me a note and we'll talk.

Feel free to check out the photos and leave comments below. }:)

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new pics

Who is snarling? I enjoyed your new pics. Some of them were kinda orange. At least you can stand still. It cost me $45.00 to put gas in my truck this week. I believe I will go bankrupt trying to drive to work. Thank goodness we are only about a mile or so from the kitties. See ya next week.


Yeah, I noticed the orange. I managed to figure it out by the end of the series. Auto White Balance on my Canon isn't always perfect, so I tried different settings as you can see.

It can be hard to judge the color of a scene. For instance, in the shade on a sunny day, things tend to come out blue-ish due to the light from the blue sky. So you set it to "shade" mode, which is supposed to shift it more orange to compensate.

Best mode for shooting when it's overcast like Saturday seems to be sunshine mode. Shade and cloudy come out too orange, AWB comes out too blue as usual.

I could use RAW and postprocess like I've been doing, but it's labor-intensive and annoying. Better to just get the shot right in the camera in the first place than to mess with it afterwards.

Photo Captions

Hello, there. I was browsing through that photo album and thought of some funny captions for some of the pictures. Thought maybe you'd want to hear 'em.

img_6631-34: He's dead, Jim.
img_6671: Look at me! I'm invisible! =^.^=
img_6690: Ditto! ^_^
img_6694 & 95: I don't need a jacuuzi, I can make my own bubbles! *Pbbbbbbbt!*
img_6671: Rub my belly? I promise I won't bite. *CHOMP!* ;-9
img_6713 & 14: *gasp!* It's the papparazzi again!
img_6726, 28, 37 & 38: Photographer: Closer... cloooserrrr.... Puma: RAAAWR! Photographer: Too close... O.O

That's all the ones I came up with. What do you think?

Cute captions! Maybe I should

Cute captions! Maybe I should start a VSW captions site, sorta like my Lion King captions site. }:)