VSW at Dade County Fair

So, yesterday I was at the Dade County Fair at the Vanishing Species Exhibit. We currently have a couple of year-old lion cubs, an eight year old tigress named Darlene (whom I've talked about before), a six-month old leopard cub, and the cougar cubs Sierra and Montana. There's also a wide variety of other animals, so if you're in the Miami area and want to see what this is all about, stop on by!

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The park seems funny without you and Brain. Saturday & Sunday were busy. Loved the new pics. How is Rosie doing? Are you having a good time at the fair?

Doing well, but...

...I miss Sawgrass too! I'm definitely going to be there next weekend. Turns out Sierra and Montana were not at the fair exhibit afterall, and Rosie may be leaving for a bit because she's still recovering from her vet visit.

But other than that, everything is cool. I hope to get more (and better) pictures this week; the lighting at the fair exhibit is difficult and I have to use flash, which never looks as good as natural light!