Glossy or matte?

So Apple's new iMac has a glossy display. You have no choice; you can't buy it any other way.

This wouldn't be a problem for me at home or in my office, as I don't have bright lights behind me to reflect. However, for many people, I imagine this would be a huge problem.

How many people have windows behind them in their offices at work or at home? Is there any real advantage to a glossy screen? We suffered with reflections on CRTs for years before flat panels came along with their sleek matte displays which don't reflect at all, and now all computer makers (Apple isn't the only one; look at all the new laptops from HP and Sony too) seem to be obsessed with "glossy is better".

Is glossy better? In any way? I want to be open-minded about this rather than just say "IT SUCKS" without having tried it for long periods of time.

Feel free to chime in. :)

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No. Glossy sucks. Matte is

No. Glossy sucks. Matte is better. Glossy is just cheaper.

In the immotal words of Grif...



Glossy SUCKS!

I have the new imac and

I have the new imac and honestly the screen doesn't bother me. I use it in a room with a window behind it and a window next to it, and simply by adjusting the screen slightly (tilting it up or down) it looks fine. I quite enjoy it. But I agree, choices are good things.