Lynxes! Finally!

So on Saturday I got a call from a friend saying there were lynx cubs coming to Vanishing Species. I nearly fell over right there; afterall, I've loved lynxes for 11 years now and have roleplayed as one online for just as long, yet had never touched one in person. The closest I came to a lynx was a wildlife show at Further Confusion 1999, and California law didn't allow the general public to touch her, so all I could is watch.

Well, apparently dreams come true. Two four-week old lynx cubs, as of yet unnamed, are at VSW! So today I went out there and saw them. It turns out that various things are true afterall. First, They really are the most adorable creatures in the known universe, bar-none. Second, they are even softer than they look. Especially the ears! And they also make the most adorable sounds. Sorta like little chirps; not as cute as cheetah-chirps but close!

It almost felt like a spiritual experience. I am definitely going to be going back every couple of weeks at least, for I must see those adorable sweeties grow up. Plus, the sanctuary needs help because they are currently moving to another facility and still recovering from hurricane damage. So if you care about wild cats in general Vanishing Species could certainly use your donations!

Today's Photos

Short video of the two lynxies being cute

Yours truly, being mauled by two tiger cubs. Okay, not mauled, but close enough. }:)

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The lynx kittens are so cute! I think they sound just about the same as regular house cat kittens. *dies of cuteness* (This is Sy from SL, btw)