Finally visited VSW at Palmdale!

Well, I finally got to visit VSW at Palmdale. It looks really nice! They basically have a nice tour set up, which is open to the public. I got to see Cheech and Chong again (Cheech was the first tiger I ever touched; he was a little cub back then and he's getting HUGE now!), the Four Rascals, a couple of adorable bobcats, and a new tiger cub I hadn't met before!

I was busy pretty much through the whole day, and didn't get a chance to take too many photos, but I got some of the cub. She's only four weeks old and was sleepy when I played with her. What a sweetie!

I wish I could volunteer up there more often. The big problem is the two hour drive in each direction! Thirty minutes each way to Davie is long enough; four hours of driving for a day of volunteering is way too much gas money!

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