Montana, the bottomless pit of energy

And no, I don't mean Montana Max. This particular Monty is Sierra's brother, a 3 month old bundle of pure energy that did nothing but play almost the entire day today at Sawgrass.

This has been a pretty cool weekend; I spent half of Saturday at Sawgrass, then the rest at the property helping clean and feed, and almost the entire day Sunday at Sawgrass. Being able to get quality time with Montana was great; he was a blast, batting random objects all over the place. He has a bad habit of trying to jump up on your shoulders; although this is cute now, we consider it a bad habit because when he's full grown at 150lbs or more, he can seriously hurt you doing that!

Ann-Marie, Montana's big sister at 13 months, was also at Sawgrass today. She was in a grouchy mood, jealous of her little brother and being a bit anti-social. She kept making this "grouse" sound, sort of a cross between a purr and a growl, which is kind of cute, but it means "Dammit, I'm not in a good mood, stay back unless you want to bleed." I heeded her warnings, of course.

Oh well... back to work tomorrow; looks like we have a failing disk on one of our systems that I'm going to have to replace, bleah.

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