Dragonflies, parrots, butterflies and more!

Feeling much better, so I went to Sawgrass today. I got to hear La La the parrot sing with Leah, which was quite hilarious. Junior was in a grumpy mood pretty much the whole time, and didn't really want me to get too close, but I managed to get a few pets in when he was sleepy and cheered up some.

I got some neat photos of some dragonflies on the back fence. They're tricky to photograph because they can sense your movement and fly off unless you approach veeeeeery slowly. Dragonflies have huge compound eyes, with hundreds of thousands of facets that let them see in every direction, pretty much; you can see them clearly in the photos.

Yesterday I saw the director's cut of the movie "The Butterfly Effect" on DVD. This movie is absolutely enthralling and thrilling; I highly recommend it to anyone into suspenseful movies. It really keeps you on your toes for most of the film!

Alas, back to work tomorrow. Hopefully the new tape system arrives soon so I can build our new backup server; I'm looking forward to discovering the world of Ultrium LTO2.

Today's Photos