Sierra's getting big!

So I spent the day at Sawgrass today. Sierra was there, and wow, she's growing fast! I think her ears are growing fastest of all, as they used to be tiny little flaps on her head, and now they're big huge kitty ears!

She was extremely curious and kept trying to pad into places she wasn't supposed to go. We kept her on a leash and she was the hit of the day; nearly everyone who saw her commented on how adorable she is.

Junior was there too, and felt a bit left out due to all the attention Sierra was getting. He was actually grumpy at one point, hissing at a couple volunteers, including myself. Luckily we made peace by the end of the day, so all's well!

Anyway, click here for today's pictures. I also have some video of Sierra that I may post soon, once I cut it down some as it's much too long!

(Heh, every time I hear the name Sierra, I think of two things... The video game company, and the character Sierra from that spiffy 3D animated comedy NBC had last season, "Father of the Pride". Dangit, that was a fun show. I miss it.)