Bad design in open source software, part 1

I love open source. Freedom, you can do whatever you want with the code, and so on. However, open source development is generally lacking in one important area: User interface design.

After using Macs for the past few years, the problems inherent in open source software become that much more obvious to me. I think all open source programmers who can afford it should get a Macbook and play around with it for a while as an example of good design, so they can see all the niggling issues in open source desktops that can drive users slowly insane.

I made a short video that points out a very good example of bad UI design. I wrote "part 1" because I may create more such videos in the future as I continue to come across these issues. Many users of open source are quick to forgive these little problems; this is a bad attitude to take because the problems start to add up, making the user experience poor overall.