Getting pissed off at Apple

So Apple recently added a hash to the iTunes DB on the new iPods which broke compatibility with third party (non-iTunes) software such as gtkpod. They also announce intentions to try to stop iPhone hacking. The iPod hash has already been cracked, but it's the principle of the thing here.

They're also doing stupid things like charging 99 cents to turn a song in your library into an iPhone ring tone, when such things should really be free. And of course, when people find ways around this, they quickly update the software to foil them.

What the heck is going on here? Why is Apple suddenly doing this anti-customer stuff? Apple has always been somewhat expensive, but has always had a hands-off attitude when it comes to hacking their hardware. There's a fundamental right that everyone has to modify and do what you want with hardware you own. Their behavior as of late sounds like something Microsoft would do, not Apple!

Frankly, they are starting to let me down, as well as millions of other enthusiasts who want to do cool things with their hardware. I was actually considering buying an iPhone after hearing all the cool things being done with them, but now that Apple has announced intent to stop the developers from employing hacks to get their software working, I doubt I'll be buying one. If they took a hands-off "we're not responsible if you break it" attitude, that's one thing. But they're actively going to work to *stop* people from doing this stuff. That's a kick in the face.

Sorry Apple, you lose. And I'll surely have this stuff on my mind when it comes time for me to purchase a new computer. Because I want my vendor to support me, not actively try to stop me from doing what I want with my purchases.