Not so portable...

This ancient SCSI NEC CD-ROM drive actually has audio CD transport controls on the front:

So if you hook a power brick and headphones to it, you can play your music CDs on it sans-computer! It sounds pretty damn good.

Heck, it even has a little illuminated LCD display on it so you can see what track you are on, and the strangest CD loading machanism (rotating door plus caddy) ever created.

It's the world's dorkiest Discman!

I've had this thing for years, but rediscovered it yesterday and figured it might give some geek out there a nostalgia kick. CD-ROM drives were actually SOMETHING SPECIAL back then (mid-90s). Oh yeah, and I looked up the MSRP on this thing when it came out: $599 (got it for much less at a hamfest when I needed a SCSI CD-ROM drive for some old project)