Three fileservers retired! Less SPACE!

We retired three fileservers at work recently as part of our consolidation project...


The reason this is worthy of posting is that last one...

Sigh, that's the WORST NAME for a fileserver ever concocted! You can imagine it constantly results in phrases like...

"Is there any space on space?" (aiee!)
"Where is space located?" (above the atmosphere silly! Oh, you mean the SERVER!)
"Space is down." (down where?)
"We need to upgrade space!" (our universe is out of date..)

and so on. GOOD RIDDANCE!! :) The three servers combined only provided about 150GB of total... space. Less heat, less power consumption and the best part for me, three less servers to administrate!

I love our new ZFS based SunFire X4500. Purrrrr.