OtakuCon and VSW this weekend!

So, this weekend I'm going to meet up with some friends at OtakuCon, an anime convention in Miami Beach. Looks like it's going to be fun.

Unfortunately it's going to be cold Sunday, so if I go to VSW to volunteer at the property I'll freeze to death. But of course it's worth it to hear those tiger-chuffs!

Oh, and Shoshauna might be leaving soon. Hell, she might be gone by Sunday. Oh well, that's life...

Thunderbird kicks ass!

After using nothing but Pine for years, I decided to seriously try out Thunderbird. I've been using it for Usenet for a while now, but not for mail.

Boy, was I pleasantly surprised! It rocks! It's acutally fast, implements the IMAP protocol well (server-side searching rocks) and allows me to do most of the things I was able to do with Pine.

So give it a whirl if you haven't tried it. It's free, cross-platform, and best of all, isn't Microsoft.


Found this on Usenet yesterday....

Posted in alt.binaries.pictures.animals:

Make with the clicky

Bwahahahahahahaaa. }:)


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