Who is Zorin?

"Zorin" is my online persona. I use the name almost exclusively online, though some folks who first met me online call me Zorin in real life too.

Zorin is an anthropomorphic Canadian Lynx (Felis Lynx Lynx Canadensis). You can see a photo of such a lynx on the front page of Zorin.org. Yes, I realize the irony of playing a Canadian Lynx when I live in Miami, Florida in real life. Deal. }:)

I've used the character Zorin since 1995. I've roleplayed on and off, primarily on FurryMUCK, but sometimes elsewhere too. I'm involved in the furry fandom, but primarily as a consumer of creative material, not a creator.

Zorin's middle name is "the" and his last name is Lynx. Yup, Zorin the Lynx. I kept this style of naming due to my roots, so to speak; my first FurryMUCK character was a 'toon squirrel, and 'toons tend to have names like that. So it stuck. Plus, it's pleasantly silly. :)

Call me Zorin or John, I don't care either way. Either name is just as valid as the other. The advantage of the name "Zorin" is that it's a lot less common a name, and thus more likely to be unique. I've been using it so long that if someone calls it out in real life, I will turn my head just as readily as for my real name!

See this old page for more details. I could write a summary about myself, but if you really want to know more about me, just browse my site. What I do is probably more interesting than who I am. }:)

Here is a compilation of artwork drawn of Zorin the Lynx.

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I use Zorin or The Zorin as a screen name / online alias too..

but i had to use The Zorin for the name since you already took the other.. though normally i just use Zorin haha

just my story of coming up with it is a bit differant...

i was typing into a game for a name and hit like Z0rn1698gj7890

or something and my friend was like Zorn thats cool...

then i said "how about Zorin, it sounds better"

and yeah.. whatever haha... just thought its something random that might interest you

Great pic!

That's a great picture! Who did your character?

Wait, maybe I should look at the page of other drawings to see if you mention it.

Re: Great pic!

Oh, okay. I see it now.

And I love the most recent picture you have there, too. Great stuff!