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and i live in orlando!

i feel the same way about what everyone else said! we have al the music playing on our radio....but one music is missing! DANCE MUSIC!!
I MEAN WHY BRING ANOTHER ROCK, R&B REGGATON...OR COUNRTY...when every other stations playing them as well?? who's playing dance music???? NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!! everytime when i make the trip to miami i tune in on 93.1 i even set in on my radio so when i'm down there i just press the button.... i know u guys trying to please or compete with other radio station, but WHY! be damn diffrent from them thats what its all about!! WOULD YOU LIKE TO EAT THE SAME CRAP EVERYDAY? HOW ABOUT EATING RICE EVERYDAY WHEN IT TASTE THE SAME EVERYTIME U EAT IT! well that how it feels when we hear the saaaaaaaaame ol' stuff on the radio!! so bring it back!!! its not that HARD!!!