Kitty cuteness!

Okay, I haven't annoyed everyone with talk about my cat in a while. So, for your enjoyment, here's videos of Lynxie doing what he does best: Uber-cuteness.

Who says cats aren't a riot? :)

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Thanks for being

I happened into this due to a link off of something called the "DUMP" site. I enjoy cartoons and this purported to be animated items. Anyhow, I appreciate the blog, share your thoughts concerning the CSI episode, and love cats. Being a relative 'youngster' in regard to the tech side, I can only say thanks for the pictures and the videos. I hope lynxie lives a long and fulfilling life. My three (current) are at 13, 13 1/2, and 10 years of age.
Oddly enough, when I met my wife she stated clearly that she didn't like cats. I had four at the time. Due to being posted from one end of the country to the other, she got the girls and I got the boys for over two years living apart. When my elder cat died at age 20 1/2 my wife phoned me in tears, necessitating a long, long counseling conversation. Ever since then, she is MUCH more of a cat person. YAY!
I am sorry that the video of the kittens seems to have been permanently lost to view. At least I didn't find it. It sounds like it would have been a treat. I need to learn more about linking, as it certainly sounds like the flip side of the spamming mode. Oh but that we could invoke the finale of the movie "Electric Dreams" (I think) and send a pulse to the spammers!

Glad you liked it...

I'm glad you liked the site and the various feline-related content. :)

I actually no longer have that kitty video. It wasn't really special, just search for "kitty video" on youtube and I'm sure you'll find videos more adorable than that one. :)