Rawr! Well, it's been a while since I've written in depth, really. A lot has been going on lately.

Work has been a bit crazy, with the beginning of Fall Semester and all that. We've had some hardware failures and power failures and have been kept on our toes pretty much the entire time. Looks like things have settled some, though, so it may be time to start pushing ahead on long term projects once more.

I got myself a Mac Pro. To say this machine is fast would be an incredible understatement. Four 2.6GHz cores working together mean processing muscle is never far away. The video board is a bit low end (Nvidia 7300GT) but I hope to eventually correct that when the ATI X1900 becomes cheaper. Second Life runs amazing on this machine; even a crowded Luskwood still exceeds 10 most of the time. My Macbook Pro can barely get 4 on the worst days. Not bad!

I will be at Midwest FurFest. So if you want to say hi, look for me. Though I'll probably be hiding out with close friends half three-quarters of most of the con.

Also, I met someone very special through Second Life. She lives far away, but so far things are promising. Distance can be always be fixed when people finally find their true mate in life. ;)

-Zorin the Lynx, Ph.Cat.

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Mrrrowrr indeed...

I'll see (or hear?) your

I'll see (or hear?) your Mrrowrr... and raise you a purr.. ;)