Party 93.1 goes bye-bye

So this morning I get in my car to go to work, and put on 93.1, and.. Party 93.1 is GONE! What the hell? They're playing boring 90's rock music now!

Party 93.1 was an AWESOME South Florida radio station that played nothing but dance music. New dance, classic dance, you name it. They had these great classic freestyle mix shows at noon and filled a market that simply didn't exist anymore in this area.

They seemed to be doing well, too, with lots of promotions, and lots of people I know were listeners.

So why the hell did they abandon their market? They were the ONLY dance radio station in this market at the moment; there are already several rock stations. How can they possibly hope to compete? Not to mention they now have millions of angry listeners wondering where the hell Party 93.1 went. Power 96 is completely useless now, since they play nothing but hip-hop. So us dance music listeners have nowhere to go.

I called the old number, but couldn't get through. I bet thousands of former Party 93.1 listeners are complaining at the moment. I honestly hope they get mercilessly harassed into changing back to the dance format.

If not, I'm going to miss hearing all those freestyle tracks again. It was such a great path through memory lane...

UPDATE 3/25/2005: I'd like to thank everyone for their comments here. I never expected my little rant about this station dying would draw so many comments. It just further proves what a great station this was and what a crime it was for Cox to do a format flip. Hopefully dance will be back; Party 93.1 had good ratings, so I bet some other company is working on filling the hole... The market is out there!

Another UPDATE 4/19/2005: This has become a somewhat popular post, so any trolls or flames will be deleted. Thank you. }:)

UPDATE 4/29/2005: I found Salsa 98.3FM playing Freestyle today a bit after noon while scanning for radio stations across the dial. The fact that a Spanish station is playing Freestyle with english lyrics shows that there is indeed a market for it!

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i got a suggeston that will keep it fair

i think we shaould mak a new dance staion and let the rokers keep theremucis so its= :)

Dance music sucks. They

Dance music sucks. They don't just play 90s rock music, they play rock music from 80s, 90s, and modern rock so go screw yourself with your gay dance shit.

The party stations...

It's way too bad that the party stations have been pulled off the air. We had a "party" station in Orlando the same as the one in Miami, but it now plays hip-hop. I'm glad I purchased the stations annual CD's while they were least I've got a small collection of the music. After several emails and phone calls to Cox, I gave up. I guess the "party" format didn't bring them enough money?!? Of course, the only way to bring it back is to voice our opinions to Cox in masses...

Yeah.This Blows

This Blows hardcore..
I returned to the keys this passed winter, looking forward to some decent dance (None is played where I live and I live in one of the most populated areas on the earth. Sad.) and I had the greatest xmas present -> My fav station was replaced with something that emitted rancid ear poison non-stop. I had no clue it was replaced such a long time ago. I thought this was something new when I arrived.

I feel your pain.
I guess now only stored music will do.

still on as a webcast

Hey everyone, Party 93.1 is still broadcasting online. You can access it through the following server:, look for Party 93.1 The Beat. Hope this helps!


You have got to be kidding

You have got to be kidding me.... this is unreal!! Bring party93.1 back, what the hell>>!!

the beginning of the end...

I first came upon party 931 when visiting south Florida for my first time 5 or 6 years ago. I instantly became addicted and drawn closer and closer to dance and trance. The station to me was more than music, it was a portal to the south Florida relaxed, layed-back, ever-partying, ever dancing atmosphere and a constant reminder that I was on vacation. I would turn the frequency to 93.1 driving down 95 before the station EVER came in, while there was nothing but static. As I drew closer to West Palm and Boca, the station slowly emerged and became more and more clear. I knew I had arrived, and I knew that by the beats that came in.
The closing of Party 931 and other such stations is not a coincidence nor is it by chance or any other circumstances. What's happening here is a new direction in not only music or style, but in demographic and culture. Dance, trance, and techno is slowly disappearing from stations all over the country. From the posts I have read on here I can agree that there are probably less than a handful of stations even close to Party around the U.S. And from what I've heard of them, even those are mixed with all kinds of filth. That's sad, that really is sad. That's out of what... probably easily a couple hundred hip-hop stations. There are 9 just in the D.C. area where I live. I completely stopped listening to the radio. Even the popular mixed station is riddled with rap and the occasional Hoobastank, Kelly Clarkson, etc, etc. crap! I am sickened by what I hear and can corroborate with anyone on this subject from these posts.
However we, the remaining miniscule percentage of strictly trance-listening audience have to take a stand and voice our opinion wherever we can. Support the venues, events, the "Winter Music Conference!!" every spring down there in Miami (among the biggest on earth), UMF (Ultra Music Festival)... the list goes on! Let's blow that out of this world!! Make your voice count and let 'em hear it. Let's get back our stations and airwaves that we rightly deserve! Without any of this, our music will disappear and we will let the others take control. Keep on dancing! One nation... under trance!


i found that mega is playing freestyle at 12:00 pm weekdays.

Partys Emials

Even though was shut down a few weeks ago their email address' are still good i sent them one a few days ago and it didnt come back. You can still send them comments, we cant back down!
weve got to keep on trying ! send them mail at these addresses:


party 93.1

I know this is old news for you guys but today I fancied a trip through Memory Lane and went to party93.1 online. But I as many others found out it had disappeared. I used to travel to Miami a lot and used to hang out on the beach with 93.1 .What a shame. Back in London I often listened to 93.1 which reminded me then of South Beach.I hope these guys do come back in winter'06. Which reminds me......I am due for a trip to Lovely Miami Beach!
Pepijn, London UK

Fact:You WILL get all of your entertainment via the Internet

People have to realize that all of the traditional "norms" associated with radio or any broadcast media are essentially going to all converge and become indistinguishable.

Think forward using "Moore's Law" and you'll quickly see that "old time radio" will quick become akin to the 8-track tape and the betamax video tape. The internet will be THE method by which all media is delivered. Also, markets as we now know them will fade away.

Look at a few examples. First, satellite radio. It is catching on, but has been slow because of limits on device distribution and subscription costs. But go rent a car now and see how many of them have satellite radio standardly installed.

But forget satellite... well, not entirely, but forget a satellite format. It will be the internet that changes everything.

What's the difference between a TV and a computer now? TVs are more like computers and computers are more like TVs. Convergence into a single media/information device is so obviously clear that there's almost no point to buy a TV. Try to buy a new computer now, they are almost all Windows Media Center Edition boxes.

Looking at the car again, why have one device get radio signals through some proprietary signal and then also have a separate device for GPS? Again, convergence. There will be one device, don't even call it a computer because it is the stigma of the name "computer" that people have tradional ideas of. Ideas of a computer being a stationary device at a desk. Mobility through improved wireless distribution of internet connectivity will change the whole game.

Think of something like the "Slingbox". And I don't mean just sitting at a workstation and connecting to your home cable box through the internet. I'm talking about handheld or small form factor devices that can tap into this same information wirelessly anywhere in the world where you can get an internet signal. Soon that will be everywhere. Municipalities are already talking about and planning wireless internet connectivity for their communities.

So again, a Slingbox connects to your cable box and then to your home internet connection point. But who, in many cases, provides both ends of that equation? Yup, the same company. So why deliver cable content and internet access through the same pipeline? All you need is the internet and all of the content can be pushed through broader and broader bandwidths such as new technologies such as Fios.

I was in Florida a few weeks ago and while eating out in a restaurant, I had my pocket PC running my slingbox client software the wirelessly connected to my home cable box through the internet. I could turn on my cable box and tune into the Red Sox game and watch it right at my table. I could have done the same thing if I were in Japan.

So, in conclusion, the future will hold a variety of "media devices", stationary or portable, capable of delivering a wide array of content, all by way of the internet. (yes, that includes your morning newspaper too! See:

dance music lives still in little ole miami

check radiate fm in miami 88.1fm or 95.3 on friday nights. they have an electronic block schedule for that day. Also, i thnk on tuesdays.. its underground in terms of music but i think it should appease to some or many.

What a shame.

It's so sad to see that our favorite radio station [Party 93.1] still has not returned as demanded. It was the greatest station I have ever listened to. They featured weekly music being broadcasted live from local clubs in Miami and other such features. My only source of dance now is listening to Music One at Music One plays dance music constantly, however it is "not" as exciting as Party was. I understand that our growing technology may be the cause of all this, but there is no excuse for the Party website to go down because the internet is part of the growing technology. I want Party 93.1 to come back. I miss it so much. They should at least bring back the website.


men i dont know i go on a trip and when im back my favorite radio station is gone, im telling u they had so many listeners that i have no idea why the change, i hope they realise the huge mistake they made and bring it back i specially missed the freestyle mix @ noon.

I was listnin to party 93.1

I was listnin to party 93.1 for years and years and they played the same 6 songs over and over again, it was retarded, that and they always bosted about how few comercials they had, meanwhile they said preached it every 2 min. all in all it sucked for a dance station, now if they played good and more dance music maybe they would still be on the air!

93.1 DIE -HARD!

I can't believe this sh*t! I am from NY and love 93.1. I consider it part of Miami's culture. It seems that hip-hop has taken the lead and I am not happy. I've got the financial means to get a new dance station going.....anybody have the right connections ???

Big lost to me..

Just wanted to leave a comment.. paty931 was one of the best radio I ever heard...even I live in europe, I often was listening it online, markus schulz was doing all the great job all the time there, he's the best atm as well. I loved to listen george acosta's 'lost world' show..all the other shows were really amazing. Closing party931 was big lost in music scene in Florida and Miami especially. It was just stupid thing to close down the station..ah..I think there won't be any other station that could be even a little part of that what was in party931.. Hope the Cox staff read all the mail I sent to them.

that's %%%% my favorite station is gone

i used to listen to 93.1 every %%% day and since is gone my life's has not been the same.

Reggaeton sucks

I can't believe what they did, and i'm still super pissed. I love dance music, and south florida is truly a mecca for electronic music, I mean, we've hosted the festival every year for at least 6 years now. Ultra rocks! They should take off that crap-ass reggaeton that makes my ears bleed everytime i pass by that channel and put back real party music.

Until then, i'll keep supporting any petitions that will bring back 93.1. Peace.

What a crock!

I live in Denver, Colorado and I got hooked on Party 93.1 through their website and a Tiesto track I had gotten from a friend, not only was I hooked, obsessed, and addicted, I tried finding everything I could out about them, and I was even contemplating the idea of moving to I could hear it live in my car with my awesome system, but now finding this out all I have to say is WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!! They tried the same thing out here for about 6 months, it was 102.1, now it is country, and doesn’t come in very well, I feel your pain, and the pain of all others, and we’re all getting angry and were not going to take it much longer, who's with us? Who’s going to raise awareness, and let’s get this ball rolling, and LETS GET OUR VOICES HEARD!!!!!!

I use to listen...

Hi all,

Well I used to listen to it online back here in Brazil, for a few years I did that...

I found the radio browsing around Windows Media Player radio search tool few years ago...

I didnt know it was one of the best dance stations over there at US...

It was funny to listen to the traffic reports even though I've never been there...

It used to satisfy all my dance needs, so I never even searched around any other one since then...

Since I found Party931 not that hard, and it was very good, I had the impression that there were alot of radios such party931 avaliable...

Afther thier website went offline, I found out how hard it is to find a good dance station, in fact, I still couldnt find one as good as party931.

It was really frustrating...

So you guys know, there are unhappy listeners even on Latin Amarica.


Power 93.1

I was searching for a station in S.FL that played dance/electronic music since I've been home this summer from college. I remember listening to Party 93.1 a couple times when I was in middle school but I couldn't get reception (I lived near Wellington at the time). I hate how there is a lack of diversity in radio. That is why regular radio format is dying and Podcasting and internet radio is taking over. Sheesh.


We need to do something to bring it bak i have an idea we call all the radio stations of the most popular knonw and we ask them to play trance and techno cuz we have a song that techno is coming bak rise up which is World hold on by BoB sinclair and with this song we can tell everyradio station to bring bak party 93.1 PLIZ I AM TELLING EVERYBODY IN SOUTH FLORIDA TO HELP US WE REALLY NEED THESE SONGS THEY ARE THE BEST AND THEY ARE HITTING RIGHT NOW SO DONT WASTE THIME AND KEEP UP WITH THIS MESSAGE EMAIL IT TO EVERYBODY YOU KNOW

omg i cant believe this horrible news

Omg this station was my #1 sation. Party 93.1 made freestyle comeback with the concerts they hosted. Those concert that Party 93.1 hosted we awesome, full of life. I wish they would take that ugly, nasty heavy medal and rock of teh station and just put part 93.1 on the air again..................Please............I need their music.

93.1 Party DJ 360MIX here in Miami

Station had lot's of problems specially with programming, and listening to that the DJ's where complaining about. Now Miami has nom ore DANCE Music. It's all HIP HOP, R&B. Not a single Dance Radio Station.

Thank god there are lots of good DJs down here where we can still party!... Anyone want to have a sold fun party let me know..

Mix Master Boogie Man George

when i came to miami back in

when i came to miami back in 2002 i loved the station pasty 93.1 i let all the windows down and blasted out the dance music the guy at the lights in the car next to me had the same station playing. I then reterned to england only to come back a few years later and it was playing crappy rock music what happend???

I know the feeling

Trust me, I feel your pain. I'm from Chicago where House and underground music was created. We have the longest history of the underground musc movement. That culture created a few underground music stations. One of them being 92.5 Energy Radio which played pure dance hits, both underground and some commercial. Basically anything you can feel and move and dance to. The Club scene and Underground scene were boosted to an all out high with the creation of this station. The station had many sponsors and made good money promoting almost every club, party, concert and rave out there. I ran a production company and dealt with Energy Radio for many of my Club, party and concert ads. One day I turn on the radio and the Station was Playing nothing but ads from their biggest competitor a radio station called B-96, a station that plays all commercial music and mixes on weekend nights. I believe that there is a conspericy with the larger commercial radio stations. They are buying out all of the stations that are a threat to them. These Dance Music radio stations are dangerous to the radio industry because the music that they play is what the masses want. When you go to the club what do you want to hear? Not the same commercial song that you hear on everyother radio station 5 times every hour throughout the whole day. You want the Music that you can feel and can dance to. The commercial music industry is scared of a threat and the Undergound Music scene is now a threat. They believe that they can control the entire music industry by controlling what we listen to, but that's why they are losing to Satalite radio. No matter what, the Underground Scene will live on. And we will have our own following. Feeling our music and understanding what the scene is really about... The Music. PLUR!!! VP out.........

i wish that 93.1 didnt

i wish that 93.1 didnt change to that borning station

hell yey! Someone should

hell yey! Someone should start a new ALL dance station! 93 rock Sucks HARD! Im so sick of current mainstream society's already limited 3 genre attention span. Enough with the hip hop, enough with the rock! Move on and start mainstreamin some of the others! 95% of the shit rock and hip hop dicks take is ripped from dance anyways! kanye west, 50 cent they all rip into other genres(mainly dance) and than mess up the song with their horrible pitch, intonation and soon-to-be-out of date slang.

93.1 gone

what the f%#*! 93.1 is gone and their playing all this sh*@%y a$$ rock. 97.3 plays dance songs but 93.1 is way better. this just sicks. i want it to come back.

Party 93.1, Power 96 and dance in South Florida

Dance is a great format to make money with. #1 Party was the only dance format station and did not have competitors, this was mentioned above. #2 They made allot of money by doing live broadcasts. #3 Yes they did have ratings, and were pretty good, they made the change because zeta 94.9 when off the air, and was no rock station in South Florida, even though West Palm beach some, but I guess that doesn't count. Party was not the greatest station and was lost when it came to the rotation. They played freestyle like it was something new, when they should have featured it only in mix sessions and maybe two or three songs a day in the rotation, instead of hearing Diamond Girl 20 times a day. Power 96 was real good up to a few years ago, it was more of a treat when they would go back into the old school, and would not throw it in your face. If I was the Music Director of Party 93.1, things would have been much different. They should of had live on air DJ personalitys, instead of a computer say the same thing all day long. Maybe some rap and R&B and popular reggaeton (Even though I hate all of that) But lean towards more of the dance format. I would have still listened to it if they threw in a few rap hiphop R&B songs here and there. I think their live broudcasts at night were the best things of that station, That is what I missed the most.

These Dance internet stations and HD radio stations with 24 hours of dance music is stupid. I should not have to be on the internet to listen to dance or go buy a HD radio for the house and car. #1 it's 24 hours of hearing the same thing over and over again. #2 they don't have on air personalitys, and I like to hear and get to know djs that are on the air. #3 they have no commercials, and believe it or not, I don't mind hearing some commercials, I guess I'm hard to please. I refuse to listen to any internet station.

I miss Power 96. That was my number one station up till Party came along, and they stopped the dance, freestlye, disco, retro, formats and went with the urban formats. I don't listen to the radio untill something comesup, internet stations, forget about that garbage. If I want to hear something, thats why I have cds and cassettes for now and also go out to clubs...

Party 931 main stream page back up !!!

Amazingly this page was all but erased about 3 weeks ago when the website was closed along with the audio streaming, i was checking my old party links today when the stream pop up showed up with advertising and wpym calls and logo plus a working stream but unfortunantelly no audio....
There may still be hope after all i think possibly party could be brought back as an HD-2 Radio station on the 93.1 frequency ( u will neeed a High Definition receiver tho ) heres the link copy and paste it all to your browser:

Well, you like rock..

You like rock. That's fine.

We like dance. We deserve a dance radio station just as much as you deserve a rock radio station.

Cox doesn't want to represent us, even though we are a larage market in Miami. Look at how popular clubs and such are; dance music is big. It's just that the media conglomerates don't know how to market to us.

Oh well, that's what my iPod is for.


Well, it's a start. Too bad

Well, it's a start. Too bad they won't play more dance music in their normal rotation. Too bad I have to work during the whole show, so I won't be able to listen to it. I still wish I had a normal station that I could tune into and stay tuned into (home station) Power 96 was my favorite until they switched ghetto and became a awful station, and Party 93.1 till they changed formats. Seems hiphop and all the urban format is taking over. The lower class is taking over for now because of our economy and the lack of money going around, thats why hiphop has taken over, but that will change after our low class presdent Bush is out of office. Believe me radio stations and night clubs are not making the money they should be with that format. It's just the mid to upper class people are not going out and spending money....

Changing of Station Programming

I agree 100%. I do not usually listen to Rock but only to more techno Euro Trance Music that they had on 93.1 I feel the same thatwhoever changed the programming that it was either the same person or same corporation. This is what happens when corporations have taken over the radio market! They monopolize them and then put on more stupid conservative or violent music. Doesn't that ring a bell?!...Remember these people whoever they are are miserable arrogant greedy money making people and as a lesson of the past a fascist run controlled government from corporations they want to make everyone feel miserable and just play mind controlling well as their hate for european music for political Iraq War and the current administration who hate those who opposed the war..the corporations are running our air waves as though they own them AND THEY DO NOT OWN THE AIRWAVES! Also,they are the instigators of getting the FCC going after peon low power fm stations who even if they run legally and play their own music are shutting them down or drowining them out by sending their goons with their transmitters jamming them and the FCC or congress does not do anything about that.,,,isnt that evidence of fascism!?

Once good example when once they caught someone jamming a radio station right next to it and what they found out was that they were clear channel radio employees..they did not do anything about it!> Why! because they own the govt and the FCC!

Several Articles to Read about these corporate Radio

Radio Deregulation.....


I just went to,

I just went to, and there website is now gone permantly, and everything else...Well It's been over one year and still no dance station. Seems that rap, R&B, and all the rest of the urban format has just taken over completely, even in night clubs. I've noticed old pop dance music from 2000 - 2003 played in a rotation with rap music, I'm not even going to go into it about the D.J.s that are playing it, No mixing, songs played one after another, They are absolutly creating no vibe, and a discusting scene.. Can I say?


How can people like such, low class music?

I cannot agree with you more

I cannot agree with you more on every point you had just discussed!!!!!!

I, too, first heard of party931 when I first visited South Florida over 5 years ago! When I would go back home to Orlando, I would stream party931 ALL the time. Then, on my vacations to come visit SoFL, I would also tune party931 in before the airwaves could even hit, just for pure excitement when it would dimly come in, in static!

ARGH. Today, just thinking of party931 and a few songs from back in 2000, I wanted to see if I could stream some music through their site. NOTHING. Completely Closed. WTF!!!! PS. I've moved down here to SoFLA since then and have to say that EVERY STATION IS THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD...EVER! Could Orlando have South Florida beat as far as radio stations go? I think so! Bring back the party!

Oh yeah, 953party who is now

Oh yeah, 953party who is now power953 and spanish-urban hip-hop reggaeton! Which is totally fine by me, but we don't need 2 of everything... JUST ONE OF EVERYTHING!

1 953 party so we can have annual block parties again.
1 party931.


Yea its true since Party has

Yea its true since Party has been gone Mega 949 has been playing 5-8 min mixes of freestyle dance hits every now and then in their playlist along with the midday freestyle mix. The Majority of the DJ's now at Mega including Dimas Martinez used to work at Power 96 in the early to mid 90's when Power 96 used to be dance music station. Dimas also used to work at Party but i guess he defected when they changed to rock. Mega 949 now states that they are miami's #1 Party station , Power 96 to is also claiming to be Miami's party station.

Done forget to vote in the bring back party petition

is there any stations that

is there any stations that compare to 93.1party? is 93.1beat the same? Doesnt sound like it. I heard it first when on holiday in 2003. I remember them playing, southern sun, madhous madona, amber. Im not happy with anything since. nothing on compares.

Party 931 Music Director now runs hot 105

Phil Micheals-Trueba
Former Program/Music director at Miami's Party 931 and Orlandos former
Party 953 is now running the show at Miami's Urban a/c Hot 105

according to his my space blog:

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I am proud to announce that I have accepted the opportunity to become the Program Director of the legendary and heritage station in my hometown of Miami.....WHQT - Hot 105. A leader in the market and the industry. It's where I started my career as a young intern at the young age of 19 years old. It's obvious, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a lifelong dream has been accomplished. I am excited to be working closely with industry leaders such as Miami VP/GM, Jerry Rushin (a Miami market living legend), OM, Tony Fields, and my mentors Atltanta VP/GM, Tony Kidd and Group VP/Market Manager Rich Reis. I would like to thank them for the opportunity to lead the Hot 105 dynasty and continue it's legacy of setting the standard for "the best". I am looking forward in working alongside and leading the amazing and talented group of individuals that make up the strong team at Hot 105. Some of my early examples of leadership and mentoring in my career have lead Hot 105 as Program Directors such as Bill Tanner, Keith Isley, Hector Hannibal, and Tony Kidd and it is a tremendous honor to be added to that list. I know the history, the community, and the expectations that come with this responsibiltiy and I am up to the challenge. My career has come full circle. Let's make something special happen! Afer is the Magic City.

It cost $$$ to get satilite

It cost $$$ to get satilite Radio in the car. It's free to pick a local radio station.

Radio broadcasting is not going to be obsolete anytime sone. With radios, you can find out about info about the local weather, nightclubs, events, and everything else. Satilite radio is mostly a computerized jukebox on shuffle with hundreds of channels and formats. Radio has been around long before 8 Tracks and Betamax Vcrs and will continue to be around for at least the next 50 years.......

Police State does not want us to have this music........

Police State does not want us to have this music...this is why..
Submitted by Paul (not verified) on Sun, 2006-07-30 20:49.
The euro trance and techno music is being suppressed by most of the
stations.. The reason is that they do not want the peaceful uplift
music to bring people to days of peace and antiwar movements..

that is part of you know why all of a sudden no more
dance stations like 93.1...

if you dont believe me do a seach on google on similar
events or incidents like the link make the call.

God Help Us~!

Where did this reggaeton

Where did this reggaeton crap come from anyway? Heck, I love reggae; give me Bob Marley or UB40 anyday. But this horrible mutation of reggae must die.

Ugh. It makes my ears bleed just thinking about it.


What about this?

Have you guys tried Party 93.5 in Tampa? It's supposedly broadcasting on FM and on the internet. Now I know Tampa is really far away and most likely out of the range of Miami, but incase any of you who travel to Tampa and want to relive the memories of our great music, you should try it out!

to all you that need ur

to all you that need ur dance music pks i urge u to get xm radio and listen to BPM!!!!! i to was vey sad whrn party 93.1 shut down and i then found that xm radio had a dance msuic station. i was apprehensive at first but just one isten and i was hooked on it. not to menton thier other 5 dance and techo stations hey for 12 bucks a month i get all my dance music and mixes it money well spent in my eyes for those who must have DANCE MUSIC. !!!!!!!!




Listeners from London, UK

I can not believe that. They must be insane. I used to live in a US and when I was in Miami I always had 93.1 on. Today I wanted to listen to the radio online and of course I didn't find it, but I found this website. My friend will not believe me what happened when I'll call him tomorrow. It was the best radio and we know it in Europe too!!! At least there is something Q100 (Atlanta). I am coming back next year for holiday and I will be very sad to drive in Miami without 93.1. Miami and 93.1 go together.

you can hear party 93.1 online!

Check it out...

Ok, I miss having it in my car, but its still nice to hear the latsed dance tracks 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Man party 93.1 was the best.

Man party 93.1 was the best. I use to listen to it almost 24 /7 at work at home and in the car, damn i wonder why they got cut off, and like some others say that they had an awsome rating and gave promotions and free stuff to the listeners. To tell all of yall the truth, i haven't heard another station like that one, and i do miss it because that was the best radio station there has been yet. I Hope that it comes back soon cuz we need it. and all these radio stations trying to bring some freestyle, they could try but, never be like PARTY 93.1..

I would not want to pursuade internet stations

I would not want to pursuade another internet radio station. My opinion, I don't call them real radio stations. A real radio station is a station that you can tune into with any radio, and has on air dj personalities. If you would like to pureuade that, I would support you. I don't call a 24hour computer, or cd player shuffleing cds or mp3 files a real radio station. I could do that with my computer....

Party 931 Gone for good

Hi guys

Radio in Miami has never been so bad as far as i can remember... as of now we have *6 spanish FM stations and 4 Hip Hop urban stations... this whole Hip Hop fiasco has gotten out of hand 1035 the beat, 99jamz and power 96 are completely identiical do we really need three of them ? Miami is known for "Dance Music" not Hip Hop or Rock.

This month Cox radio shut down partys website and stream for good. I have to say i feel like i have lost a family member!

They at least did leave an email where you could send comments, everybody let them know whats on our minds:


Bring Party back at least let us STREAM IT

I have been listening to Party 931 since day one when they opened on Dec 31 2001. At first I didnt care for it because I was into rock back then and it was always on in the car because my mom loved it. Anyways as the weeks went on I started to like it and then became obsessed w/it. I was into dance big time. As 2002 went on I loved the stations. 2004 was when I got really into it, I would always have it on in the car, house, everywhere. It brings back so many memories w/my friends and how we use to dance in the car and stuff to it. SOUTHERN SUN (Paul OakenFold), TAKE ME AWAY(4 Strings), AS THE RUSH COMES(Motorcycle), WHEREVER YOU ARE(Laava), and a whole lot of songs bring back so MANY MEMORIES that will forever be w/me and that Party931 was a part of.

I was very disappointed when the station just disappeared. But I though there should be a new one real soon as Miami is the dance capital of the world. DAmn was I WRONG. Months passed and nothing happened. So I gave up. I went to the site and discovered I was able to stream it. From Aug 05' until Feb/March went it when away I streamed NONSTOP. That was enough for me as I was able to relive great memories again. But now they take down the stream too?? Thats fucked up. DAMN BRING PARTY BACK

any other station like party

For those of you on AOL try Radio AOL Radio ( keyword on the web browser: AOL RADIO) "80's Dance station" they play 80's Dance Hits and also A-LOT of 80's 90's Freestyle!
Besides there ive looked around online and around the web, Party 931 was one of a kind. I dont think there will ever be another station like it.

Although still there are a handfull of dance stations in the U.S i still havent been able to find what cities their in or their websites...

sign the bring back party petition here:

Miami ratings are out

LOL, WHDR 93.1 rock is one of the worst rated stations in miami #22 with a measley 1.7 share of the Miami/Ft.Lauderdale market, i hope their downward ratings continue ! Party 931 did twice as good as this with at least a 2.5+ share before they went off the air

( )

look for miami,radio market #12



IT has been SHUTDOWN! Sad!

IT has been SHUTDOWN! Sad!

Well it was bound to happen

Well it was bound to happen Hip Hop Urban music is the mainstream, be a gangster pimps and ho's biach. It make me sick. It also makes me sick that it bleeds over into TV programs. I'm sick of Enbonics, your not special.

When 95.3 Party died so did the dance music at clubs in downtown Orlando, the clubs went to urban hip hop music. It makes ya think that, I have never seen a fight in a Dance music club or anyone getting upset with anyone. The minute they put the Hip Hop into the clubs and did away with dance, people were getting shot outside the clubs, drive by's and stabbings. "Be a GangSter" somewhere else but leave my house alone.

Party 931 Petition

Sign the Bring back Party 931 Petition here:

Just like I predicted...

But of course, they don't listen to me.

All I can say is HAW HAW! to Cox radio. I'm not sure I'd listen to Party 93.1 even if they brought it back at this point, because I feel dissed and betrayed. My iPod has all the music I want, with more every day.



I voted, and there are only 451 votes... what GIVES?

Just to explain some points, I (as many here) am NOT gay, and neither are my friends; i dont have nothing against gay ppl, but I read those idiots talk about Dance Music and it just pissed me off.

Now, I listen to Rock93.1 but I miss Party93.1 more.

If I were given the choice between the two: Party 93.1 ALL THE DAMN WAY!!!!

get your friends, parents, sons/daughters, pets and neighboors to SING THE DAMN PETITION!


Police State does not want us to have this music...this is why..

The euro trance and techno music is being suppressed by most of the
stations.. The reason is that they do not want the peaceful uplift
music to bring people to days of peace and antiwar movements..

that is part of you know why all of a sudden no more
dance stations like 93.1...

if you dont believe me do a seach on google on similar
events or incidents like the link make the call.

God Help Us~!

I'm from NY and have lots of

I'm from NY and have lots of financial backing.....I also love 93.1!!! If you have the right connections maybe I can help get a new station going. Let me know


Windows-only site. What morons.

Gee, when I load that page in Firefox on my Mac, I get a huge broken mess and no music plays.

Big surprise! The morons that are running that site don't bother to test it on any platform besides MSIE/Windows, most likely.

So not only did they shut down my favorite radiostation, but the buttheads don't want to support anything but Windows? Fuck'em. They've just about pissed me off beyond an hope of ever forgiving them.

Down with Cox radio, and down with Windows only sites. Look at and -- high quality streaming that works on all platforms.

Morons. May they go fuck themselves sideways with a chainsaw.


Here is a party station almost like 93.1 enjoy!!!! they even have the global dj on sunday nights.

Party 93.1 is back!

You need an HD Radio for it, its now on 93.1-2! Party 93.1 lives!

party 93.1

I was also surprised each day i would put on the radion station to see if i hear my favorite music which is freestyle and i got a big dissappointment.I think that maybe if everyone comments on party 93.1 everyone who i saw at the freestyle concert everyone who loves dance music enough to build a high rating maybe then they will see how much this station meant to us.WE WANT PARTY 93.1 BACK!!!!!!!!!!!



Party 93.1 looks like it might be coming back

According to there site, they make it sound lke they will be going back on the air. Read the home page......

Bring Back Party 93.1

Man they need to bring it back like yesterday. How can I be driving in my CLK and not have party rocking, cmon now florida aint the same, bring it back dammit!

HD radio

I hear the Party may return on HD radio. Trouble is, hardly anyone has the ability to receive this, and HD radio receivers are expected to cost hundreds of dollars.

Their audience will be microscopic.

Sad, really...


i am a navtive of florida and i have been listening to party ever since i was 11 or 12, i'm 15 now btw. i used to love it!! when i found out that party was gone i didn't think much of it but now i realize what a loss it really was. i miss it like crazy and i have been accumulating songs that they used to play on party. i have about 20 already....but i want it back. anyone know any good sites with party's playlist?


I listed to Party 93.1 religiously and now I find myself hearing 24-7 crap on the radio. Atleast they have the Party 93.1 Anthems CD. Have you heard anyting about them coming back only as an internet radio station? I think I hear a rumor about that.... Thanks for giving me a spot to vent, I have been pissed for months.



Those who didnt care much for this beloved station will never know the emptiness its fellow listeners and FANS feel! Look at me and all the people sending comments! The station has been gone for more than a year and the tragedy lives on...stations REALLY suck out here other than the university stations playing some type of techno when i get out of work, and id rather spend $12 bucks buying a damn techno CD than listening to anything else out there. unfortunately, this has led many people to do online listening. pfft. Anyways, FANS, IM TALKING TO YOU, while you're listening online, take a few minutes to email those sure you've seen many sites on this comment blog, but incase you need one, try these;, or

many people keep saying other stations are out there, but truth be told, it will NEVER top 93.1! I'm out........JESSICA FROM MIAMI! IM NOT AFRAID TO SAY WHAT I NEED TO SAY YOU CORPORATE AMERICA COX RADIO SHOWS! thats the only reason why your name is COX radio! no cojones!

sirius satelite

I was a party 93.1 lover as well, and was heartbroken when they went off air. The only place to turn to was satelite radio. sirius to be exact (ch. 66, the beat) . They use the same announcer guy as party 93.1 and they play the same kinda of music, yes, even freestyle. with no commercials etc. The only think i dislike about this station is that they offer no mixes yet, which was really one of the main reasons why i loved party 93.1. And if your more of a techno person, or whatnot, they have a total of like 6 electronic dance stations. It's some good shit untill something happens with 93.1. untill then, sirius it is.

for those who are interested

for those who are interested u can go to and type party that site lets u check out how sites use to look in years past. Once u type in party 931 a page opens up w/dates since the beginning of party all the way to the end. Click some of them and u might find some songs u were looking for and stuff. it brings back a lot of memories at least to me.

Cant believe still no dance station still in miami.. If ur under 18 in the south florida area there a club called X-IT in Hollywood by young circle which is all ages and holds raves every now and then the next one will be on Feb 17 Saturday. Go to and go to the forums for more info and stuff.

missing 93.1

i also awoke to the unpopular rock music that 93.1 was playing. i also tried calling cox radio and no one could give me a straight answer. i enjoyed hearing the music they played at work and at home. now the other radio stations are playing what they want and we have no other choice but to listen to it or shutting the radio's in our cars off. i hope one day they bring it up.

i loved that station A

i loved that station A lot!!!!!!!!! until they changed it to rock can you do anything to make em change it back?


It so sad that Suck my Cox did what it did, its so sad that all the cool songs i listen every freacking day are no more, its like if yesterday it happended. All my updates were from my station, well there are some stations out there online that are good but never will another replace my party =( Well Miami lets protest till we get what we deserved come on we have the #1 club in the world Space, the winter conference, Ultra Festival, A3 US first alternative Channel and not have a decent dance Station Wuz up with that !!! Peace Out true Party 931 Fan always

I give up!

I quit. I'm never listening to the crap radio down here again. What do you think of that COCKS Radio? You probably lost a good 60% of your listeners. MORONS! I knew corperate America was stupid, but I had no idea they were THIS STUPID! Blegh! :P

Whats the point?!?!?!?!?

Ok its cool that Party is Online cause its there and I can listen to it @ home and work but the part that i use to enjoy more was in the car, I dont know about you but I use to listen to it more in the car than anywhere else, (speacilly when going to da beach, club, etc). Well for those who dont know its there

weak and stupid

u people r weak and stupid, yeah 93.1 is gone so what move on, yeah i am a rocker and what, i just to listen to 93.1 too, and i was wandering y they changed too, its not cuz rock is better or worst, it was cuz of those stupid "reggeaton people" came from nowhere and start playing on 94.9 zeta, i was like wtf??, those ppl sux, i am also mad cuz now i cant listen to dance or mixed music anymore, and i do whish it was back on business, and for all u haters of rock, stop hating and get a life

Alas ....

Several years ago, I visited Florida. If found it magical, to be driving down on the I-95 and listening to various dance artists that you don't hear anywhere else. Actually, when ever I hear Oakenfold's remix of Southern Sun, I get flashbacks of driving over the neon-lighted bridges into South Beach on the weekends. I think Party 93.1 added to the allure of South Florida. After hearing about the change at 93.1, I can help but feel my attraction to Florida slipping away.

On a brighter to note to Broadband/cable users. Go to Musicmatch. Com and download their basic player. Use the radio function and select the Electronica genre ... and be prepared to get blown away.

but even if you get satelite

but even if you get satelite its not the same really. its not dance is more electronic stuff i like 93.1 better

I don't listen to music on the internet

Party 93.1 is waisting their time trying to make an major internet station. Will never happen. I don't know many people who listen to internet stations, not unless they want to be at the computer all the time. I use to listen to 93.1 in the car, home, beaches, parks, anywhere else, that was when they were into the the club scene and community. I listened to them for about an hour on the internet, Lets just say, that will be the last time i'll listen to them on the internet. It's an insult to people who like dance music. It's a cd player on playing on shuffle mode 24/7. I guess the hiphop and reggaeton has taken over. Small things amuse small minds. Thats a format of music I would love to see become obsolete. I use to like hiphop and rap when Power 96 use to play it among other formats, but now it's just taken over everything and now I hate it.....



I was a party listener since

I was a party listener since the day it came on air. I was disappointed by the change. It didn't make any sense for me. Did someone mention something about party 93.1 being on HD radio? Hope it turns out that way. I think it'll be better than to just have it online. I bet you dance CD sales went up a alot in Miami. I wonder if people don't get tired on listening the same shit all over, hipop, rock, and reggaeton. Dance means cultural variety to a city that is made for it. Miami is not the same on Saturday nights anymore. Cox really sucks my crap.

It's is better to have loved and... ahh who'm I kidding?

New Party Devotee's,

I recently discover'd 93.1 a short while ago, I've only been able to listen to the product of their internet radio station- but now I find they've close down their physical station? *tear* I remember saying to my friends, I'd consider moving to Florida just to listen to it in my car (half-joking, then again).. I will say one important thing about this though. As an internet station, they've allow'd me to actually SAVE a lot of the music from them that I love. That, in combination with many (mainly vocal/goa/epic trace) songs, saved and already mp3 encoded- well.. Needless to say, a music collection can grow rappidly! In that way, music becomes VERY portable. So don't feel too down- although I have to say, I feel empathy in your loss, I've lost a number of good dance stations to this new wave of rap/hip-hop/depressed-14yr-old-in-a-bottle music... *throws hands up in the air* WHY?


I don't hink they are going to go HD

They way it sounded for a while, according to there site, they made it sound like they were coming back, I guess they mean online only. I hope another station in south florida takes up on the dance format, and not one of those pirate stations that you can only get a few miles away. Something that West Palm Beach can get too. And hopefully they will have live broadcasts from great clubs like Party 93.1 did. I guess we can only hope.......

They have a poll

You can vote for Freestyle Mix, Adrenaline Rush Mix, Global DJ Broadcast, Top 20 Countdown, Interactive 5@9, or Other. Who is going to listen to the Adrenaline Rush Mix while driving???? I still refuse to listen to them as long as they are not on the air....