So I haven't posted here in a while...

Recently someone mentioned that I haven't posted here in forever. So I went to my site and noticed that indeed I haven't posted in a while. So I decided to post.

Yep, I don't update here too often. I mostly update on Livejournal, because the nature of Livejournal lets a whole bunch of people automatically follow your updates. Over here, only a few random people check, and strangers that come in over Google searches. While I love all of you who do follow me here, Livejournal is a better place for the "journal" sort of thing.

So yeah, it's at - Most of my public posts are geek/cat/silliness related, and I welcome comments.

As for my old reason of not using LJ because I'm depending on someone else to host my content...I have a good backup strategy in place, and that's really all I needed.